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Friday, November 21, 2008

Wang Leehom visits sick children; Once the topic changes to A-Mei he pushes it to Blackie

Source: Xinmin
Translated by: Initial E @

On the 20th of November, Wang Lee Hom, who is recently busy with his new album, joined Blackie (Hei Ren) in visiting the children sponsored by a certain fast food company. They visited ten children who were seriously sick to bring happiness to them, and even sang a few songs there. Lee Hom played a guitar and sang 'Change Myself' to help the sick children revive their dreams. There were reports recently the A-Mei visited Leehom in his company, to that, A-Mei has already given her response to the media, and Leehom smiled and said: "Blackie is most familiar with this!"
Lee Hom expressed that he was busy with his album for the entire year, and now it's finally finished. The reason why it took so long was that he requires it to be very good, added to some company requirements. However, after so long, he is very satisfied with his new album, and it will be released in December.
He was asked about previous media reports that A-Mei Chang had visited him in his office. A-Mei had already clarified it with the media previously. However, it isn't sure whether the reporter didn't ask him clearly enough, or that Leehom has just returned from America, but he was asked the same question three times consecutively till he finally understood the reporter's question. Coincidentally the host for the press conference was Blackie, hence Leehom smiled and answered: "Blackie knows the most about this!". To that, Blackie could only smile.

Blackie invited Leehom to star in a short video for the Golden Horse Awards. Leehom expressed that he and Blackie were friends for more than 10 years - of course he would help. About the details of the video, Leehom smiled and said: "This is a top secret!" But he mysteriously said that he would risk his own image acting in that video.

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