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Monday, November 17, 2008

Netizen: Tavia who revealed her back is most elegant

Translation: Akazukin @
Netizen: Tavia who revealed her back is most elegant @ Tai Yeung Po (Sun)

TVB Anniversary Award has concluded last night. Compared to many main actresses who paid attention to make their fronts outstanding, netizens praised Tavia Yeung, who wore dress which revealed her back as elegant and look like Audrey Humphrey, pretty and has good acting skill. In contrast, Sonija Kwok who wore a sexy dress was criticised by the netizens, because everytime the screen is on Liza Wang, her cleavage will be on the screen.

In addition, netizens expressed that they agree with most of the awards, except for Myolie Wu winning the Best Fashion/Style award. Some netizens expressed that Moses Chan should have won that award. As for Myolie Wu, she should win "Most Helpless Face Award". There also netizens who expressed that Ha Yu winning over Raymond Lam is as it should be.


Tavia Yeung is praised for her elegant style @ East Daily

The main actresses competed beauty in the TVB Anniversary Award night. Last night, there are netizens who praised Tavia Yeung whose popularity increases tremendously. They expressed that although she did not reveal her front like other main actresses, she appears elegant by only showing her back. Some also pointed out that her hairstyle looks like Audrey Humphrey. They praised that she will have an unlimited bright future. There are also netizens who praised Tavia for her good voice, and said that she has more potential to be a singer than some actresses who has just published their CD recently.

In addition, there are netizens who feel that the Best Fashion/Style award should have been given to Moses Chan. They also expressed that Ha Yu winning over Raymond Lam is right.

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