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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

S.H.E - Eating in Guangzhou ; Fine Cuisine Extra

It is not a secret that the three members of S.H.E enjoyed their food. Two days ago when they arrived to Guangzhou to promote their new album [My Station FM S.H.E], this reporter brought along some well-known Guangzhou dim-sum and snacks while visiting them. Looking at the Guangzhou dim-sum aroused all three girls’ appetites. After making a quick meal of the food, particularly all seven dim-sum items brought by the reporter were gone. They praised the food as being extremely delicious and even revealed that in Taiwan, they would often order similar dim-sums when eat out in Hong-Kong style cafés. However when it came to actual taste, it was still the ones in Guangzhou were the most authentic. Let’s savor S.H.E’s journey of “Eating in Guangzhou”.

This time, this reporter brought along seven types of the most representative dim-sums to visit, including the famous Guangzhou dim-sum “Fresh Shrimp Siu-Mai” dumpling, “Flaky Crust Egg Tart”, “Golden BBQ Pork Puff” and other specialty dim-sums such as “Four style Crystal Bun”, “Silver Flaky Puff”, “Fish and Clam Meatball” and “Sticky Coconut Candy”. When the dim-sums were opened in front of the three girls, Selina was already starting to salivate. However because they could not eat until the photographer finished with their photo session, Selina had no choice but restrained herself with a resigned expression.

After the photographer finished, Ella was the first one to reach her chopsticks towards the “Fresh Shrimp Siu-Mai” that she had been eyeing, "I always order this dim-sum when I eat at Hong-Kong style Cafés in Taiwan. The ones in Taiwan used crab meat but I like the Guangzhou way of using fresh shrimp a lot as well." In order to prevent her favorite food from being taken by someone else, the naughty Ella would give a lick to “mark” the items she liked before putting it back down. In the end, this behavior led to Hebe’s “beating” her up because Hebe accidentally ate a piece of “Ella-marked” Fresh Shrimp Siu-Mai. The food loving Ella continued on to focus her attention to the “Fish and Clam Meatball” after she finished the Siu-Mai dumpling, "Other than being a bit too oily, this type of dim-sum is very tasty." Even so, Ella still finished off this dim-sum quickly.

To Selina who had always loved good food, the first item she pointed her chopsticks to was the “Flaky Crust Egg Tart”, "I always like to eat sweets and I like eating egg tarts. I feel that it is both unique and tasty." Later, Selina reached with her chopsticks for the “Sticky Coconut Candy”, "I really like this type with the coconut taste."

In comparison, out of the three, Hebe could be considered as the most restrained. She was most interested in the “Golden BBQ Pork Puff” and the “Silver Flaky Puff”. Although she sampled every item, but she mostly concentrated on eating the ones she liked and quickly finished off all her favorite food.

The Favorite of the Trio

Ella’s Favorite: Fresh Shrimp Siu-Mai dumpling
Personal Habit: Gives the snack she liked a lick to “mark possession” and puts it back

Selina’s Favorite: Flaky Crusted Egg Tarts
Personal Habit: Likes to eat sweets

Hebe’s Favorite: Golden BBQ Pork Puff
Personal Habit: Eating with Restraint, concentrating on eating her own favorite items.

S.H.E’s Favorite Food

Ella: Noodles in Soup with Pickled Tuber and Shredded Pork

Selina: Rice with Braised Pork, Meatball in Soup and Sticky Rice

Hebe: Spicy Hot Pot and sweets

Ella admitted that her favorite food was noodles, ,"My favorite is sitting in the night market in Taipei and eating a bowl of noodles with pickled tuber and shredded pork and drinking the soup. I feel that is a great enjoyment in life. Furthermore, the soup is free and could even ask for refills when it is finished."

The favorite of the weight-conscious Selina turned out to be food high in carbohydrate, "I love rice. For example, the famous Taiwan dish of rice with braised pork is my favorite. Meatballs in soup and sticky rice are also my favorites as well."

Hebe openly admitted that her taste leaned towards being spicy, "My favorite is Spicy Hot Pot. The spicier, the better I like it. And sweets are also my favorite as well." Upon hearing Hebe speaking about spicy food, Ella happily added: "I have to take Chinese medicine recently, so I can’t eat any spicy food."

Since entering the business so many years ago, their travels had brought them all over the world. In regards to the fine cuisine of various places, S.H.E said simultaneously: "Our favorite is Thai cuisine. We really like the curry and the Sour & Spicy Prawn Soup there. We actually wanted to go there and eat to our heart’s content. We can eat all day there."

S.H.E’s Food Taboos

Ella: No beef

Selina: No beef, cat meat or dog meat

Hebe: No MSG

It turned out that both Ella and Selina did not eat beef. However, other than that, Ella did not have any other food taboos, "I can only say that I won’t eat anything that taste bad. But I don’t really know what taste really bad. I simply go with my instinct." In addition to beef, Selina self-proclaimed that she would not eat any animal that was under protection, "We refuse to eat any animal that is rare and under protection. Also, we don’t eat cute animals such as cats and dogs either." As for Hebe, her taste was somewhat “strange”, "I am very sensitive to MSG, therefore I don’t eat anything that contains MSG."

S.H.E’s Most Unforgettable Food Experience

Selina: Finding a dead cockroach in her Eel Rice

Ella: Feeling dizzy after eating Mango Pudding

Hebe: Mistakenly Thinking That Eating Wonton Would Cause Allergy

When it came to fine cuisine, each member of S.H.E had their own individual unforgettable experience. Selina provided the first tale:"My most unforgettable experience was one year, for Chinese New Year, we had dinner at a restaurant. My order was for Eel Rice. In the past, I would not turn the piece of eel over to look. For some reason, that time I turned the piece of eel over and found a dead cockroach underneath the eel. So I got the restaurant manager to exchange for another order of Eel Rice. Later, they brought me another order but when I turned the piece of eel over, there was still a dead cockroach. That left me with such a bad experience that I did not dare to order Eel Rice again."

Similarly, Ella’s unforgettable experience was also associated with a bad experience, "There was one time when I was a child, I ate some Mango Pudding. After I ate that, I felt dizzy and I did not dare to eat it again after that." As for Hebe, her experience was a misunderstanding, "When I was a child, there was a time when I had developed an allergic reaction after eating wonton which led to me thinking that I was allergic to wonton. It wasn’t until we went to Sichuan a couple of years ago to do promotion and they offered Sichuan Wonton to me, at first I didn’t dare to eat because I was worried about being allergic, later they forced me to give it a try and eat a piece. After I ate it, there was no allergic reaction. It was then I realized that I may have misunderstood wonton all these years. I am most likely allergic to wonton that contained MSG and not allergic to wonton."

S.H.E – Eating in Guangzhou
Fine Cuisine Extra

Ella Cried While Recording of {Coastal Highway Exit}

Although S.H.E had high praises for Guangzhou cuisine but they also did not forget the purpose for their trip to Guangzhou. While eating, they started to chat with this reporter about their new album. S.H.E was transformed into deejays in this new album [My Station FM S.H.E]. Earlier they had a chance to experience being deejays by launching an online station and broadcasting programs. When asked the reason behind such an idea, Ella said: "Mainly because this year, we had experienced some unhappy events. So we hoped to use this radio format to broadcast more happiness to everyone. There are various different of style collected in this new album, using different styles of songs to bring more happiness to everyone." But in having some many different styles merging together, would that not lead to a lack of theme for the new album? Selina indicated that there was no worry, "Even a Jay Chou album would not consist of only R&B music. As a commercial album, we still hope to gather and include all types of popular music elements."

Speaking of the most unforgettable recording experiences this time, Selina revealed that: "Ella couldn’t refrain from crying while recording {Coastal Highway Exit}." Ella then counterattacked: "This song is like a way for releasing our emotions, how could I not get emotional about it, especially that line “using a relationship to exchange for a friend”, it brought back a lot of memories for everyone."

Reporter’s Note

A Guest on FM S.H.E?

Before going to the interview, this reporter was worried that if the snacks may not be to the liking of S.H.E, the whole atmosphere would be quite awkward. However, the accompanying colleague had provided some comforting words: "Don’t worry, S.H.E are great conversation starters. It would not be awkward." That was so true! As this reporter was getting ready, the three members had already moved their defunct radio station to Guangzhou, not only joking around together, Ella even started to sing in an exaggerated manner. However, as soon as their manager gave the order to start the interview, they put away their casualness and chatted with slightly more serious attitude. Still, Ella continued to exaggeratedly use the tone of a program host when talking and the other two members would interrupt her every now and then. The back-and-forth bantering was absolutely seamless. The entire interview was practically and completely led by S.H.E. This reporter felt as if just finished a stint on FM S.H.E as a guest.

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC , , Crazy-Shine Forum and informationtimes
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