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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fahrenheit Can't Stop Eating

(Singapore news) The 3 members of Fahrenheit, Wu Zun, Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen arrived in Singapore last week for their ‘Fahrenheit’s Fantasy World Tour’ promotion, in the short span of 48 hours, their schedule was packed with interviews, autograph session, fans gathering and eat, eat, eat!

The reporter brings you to look at Wu Zun, Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen behind-the-scene, watch ‘competitive eater’ Wu Zun show his talent, watch ‘air-conditioner’ Aaron Yan act cool, ‘spokesperson’ Calvin Chen just kept talking!

The reporter arrived at the hotel just before the autograph session in the afternoon to have an interview with Fahrenheit, the 3 of them who reached in the morning looked energetic after getting their rest, the reporter said, “You guys must be tired since you took the morning flight?” Aaron Yan even said a cold joke as a greeting gift, “Morning flight (chicken) is rather nice to eat!” When everyone was frozen due to the joke, he still had a happy look on his face, he really won!

Reporter wants them to draw what would come into their mind when they thought of ‘fantasy’, Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen looked reluctant and said, “I really don’t know how to draw…” however they still tried their best to draw, Calvin Chen peaked at Aaron Yan’s drawing while drawing his own, and taunted, “Your drawing skills really isn’t that good!” Wu Zun on the other hand thought for a long while before starting. In the end, they drew their ‘Fantasy’ concert, the promotion is indeed the top most important!

Which type of girls will make them fantasize?

Aaron Yan, “Wearing apron to cook. Because it’s very sexy, especially girls like Angelina Jolie.”

Wu Zun, “The look when girls are doing things seriously it is also very mesmerizing.”

Calvin Chen, “When girls flick their hair.”

At this point, Wu Zun flicked his hair in a sexy manner and said, “Like what I’m doing?”

Calvin Chen was shocked and said, “Like you, I’ll vomit!”

Taste the love from fans

Fans were caring; they worried that their idols might be hungry so they specially sent famous chicken rice from five-star hotel for them. After the interview, the 3 of them happily started eating.

Wu Zun, who loves to eat immediately open the box and started eating after preparing the sauces. Aaron Yan who had not taken his lunch was hungry but he still talked to the camera while eating at the same time, Wu Zun, on the other hand just kept quiet and kept eating. The reporter could not help but asked, “Wu Zun, are you busy?” He bite his rice and argued, “Because can’t talk when eating, this is manners.” Calvin Chen rebutted, “Excuse!”

Actually the 3 of them loves to eat, even under the more than ten pairs of eyes they still ate happily, the reporter asked if someone if to take away the food while they are eating half-way what would they do? Calvin Chen gave a cold laugh and said, “Don’t try to do such a dangerous act so easily!” Aaron Yan followed and said, “Because Wu Zun will become hulk!”

After that sat in the car, the 3 of them continued to eat! This time they are eating the ‘green cake’ (pandan cake) given by the fans. Wu Zun revealed that normally after getting into the car they would listen to songs, read letters from the fans, eat, take photos, play games. If the journey is long? Aaron Yan said, “Then normally we will sleep.” Calvin Chen continued and said, “After waking up we continue to chit-chat and tell cold jokes.”

translated by : jastan87 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and Chinapress
original source :

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