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Monday, November 17, 2008

Jerry Yan feels his time is up; reveals his admire for Show Luo

source: chinatimes , Liberty Times
translated by: x-WISHFULthinking @

Jerry Yan is currently Taiwan’s “best selling” No. 1 Idol King and the outside world thinks that his momentum is at an ultimate high right now, however Jerry on the other hand looks down on himself, saying he is feeling a sense of crisis. He expressed, “I feel that my time is up already.” He also revealed that he admires Show Luo's friendly attitude towards everything.

Yesterday, Jerry, Ariel Lin and director Niu Cheng Zhe attended the press conference in Tokyo for new drama “Extravagant Challenge” which is invested by both Taiwan and Japan. Just because of Jerry, the production costs are over 100,000US$. (3,310,000TWD) and many scenes will be shot in Japan. Jerry is very popular even in Japan, and he had over 2000 fans waiting at the airport for his arrival.

Is a model, not an idol

From “Meteor Garden”, Jerry has slowly climbed up to the top position, but he says that he has thought about a low day: “I’ve gone down, but I don’t want to think too much. I just want to do everything right. People like Show, Jolin, very hard-working artists will make me feel I have to work harder, if I don’t, then I will lose everything.” Everyone also said that he is Taiwan idol’s representative but Jerry made a cold joke, saying, “I’m not an idol, I am a model.”

More and more lonely, not many friends

In the past, there have been many negative news about Jerry, saying he is hard to please, love to act big, but Jerry says that he is not bothered to explain to the outside world: “I am very lucky, I have many peoples’ support. I hope people will see my “hard to please” attitude as the requirements I have towards work.” He revealed that he is getting more and more lonely, and does not have many friends. He says that when he is feeling down, he would often phone his co-worker from “The Hospital” Kris Phillps (Fei Xiang)

Admires Show Luo's friendly attitude

Yesterday at the press conference, Jerry did some funny expressions, and even did a peace sign behind Ariel’s head, in an attempt to melt the atmosphere. He also revealed his admire towards Show. He said that when he was filming “Hot Shot”, Show would have a really good relationship with the cast and crew, and he really admired him. Jerry said he is unable to achieve Show’s harmony, but he hopes that he can use a most sincere attitude towards people, to get rid of his “hard to please” image.

Show said, through his manager Xiao Shuang, “I like to be happy when I’m filming, so I like to mix with the cast and crew, but I think that Jerry is very serious about his work, and I feel very happy meeting him.”

Jerry admits that sometimes he is not too good at dealing with things, but he says he does want to change. He helplessly asked, “Why won’t people give Jerry Yan a chance?”

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