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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Anson Hu starts concert with vampire outfit; Compares eye size with Ronald Cheng and Nicky Lee

Source: Yahoo
Translation by minivicki @
Anson Hu held his debut performance in Taiwan yesterday and appeared on stage in a black cloak that made him look like a vampire. Besides showing off his singing skills, he also started to compare with guest Ronald Cheng and Nicky Lee who's eyes are the smallest in size. It can be seen that the three singers who have very small eyes were trying their best to open their eyes to the widest and their face went all red. In the end, Ronald Cheng defeated them and won the title of "smallest eyes".

Besides singing his classic song "男人KTV [Male KTV]", Anson also chose songs such as Tom Chang Yu Sheng's "我的未來不是夢 [My future is not a dream]" and David Tao's "找自己 [Find Myself]". He also chose to perform Jung Hung's classic Taiwanese dialect song "一支小雨傘 [One Small Umbrella]". Unable to change his habit to retroflex his words, he enunciated "Chi Bao Mei [Have you eaten]" to sound like "Chi Bra Mei [Wearing a bra]". His normal question turned into something porn-like which caused lots of laughter.

Earlier on, he fell sick immediately after reaching Taiwan and after his mother's treatment and a week of hoping and going vegetarian in order to request for the concert to be a success, his voice finally recovered. With 4 hot dancers doing a hot dance around him, Anson changed his usual wooden style and enjoyed the romantic invitations that the female dancers sent out. The whole night attracted near three thousand fans and had a 90% full crowd.

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