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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Joe Zheng, Ariel Lin physically loyal to each other

Golden Bell acting queen Lin Yi Chen and best onscreen husband Zheng Yuan Chang star in the idol drama [Love or Bread] airing tonight. The two people are already acting as husband and wife for the third time, tacit understanding is 100%, so to take extensive measures, "Bread" has arranged for Lin Yi Chen and Zheng Yuan Chang to play roles very different than usual, through switching outfit and performing artificial respiration.

The switching outfit scene has Zheng Yuan Chang in a female outfit, Lin Yi Chen as a hoodlum, the production crew especially borrowing an extra large-sized pink dress for the 184cm Zheng Yuan Chang to wear, then also putting on a curly wig and shining bright lipstick; very made-up. Xiao Zhong was not the slightest bit coy, even saying: [My lower body is super pleasantly cool!] Lin Yi Chen, to disguise herself as a gang leader’s follower, stuck on gold teeth and shoving in chest hair, but Lin Yi Chen who was playing crazily, still suspected that it was not vulgar enough, taking Zheng Yuan Chang’s gold necklace and hanging it on herself, [This is more suitable for me!]

Zheng Yuan Chang says: [The two of us have kissed from 2004 to 2008, not even embarrassed about kissing scenes, now our tacit understanding is so good that for whatever we do there is no embarrassment!] In these four years, the two have acted as couples with other actors in dramas, but did not have kissing scenes. Xiao Zhong says: [We are both physically very loyal to each other!]

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