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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Anson Hu YanBin Unable to "Win" Over Ronald Cheng ChungKei in a Battle of the Mouths

News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, ChinaTimes,
Anson Hu YanBin loves to "squabble" with and tease labelmate Ronald Cheng ChungKei; the two began "horsing" around with each other during Anson's concert on the 15th and kept it up until the celebration party afterwards! Ronald ignored Anson's "jab" at his having "small eyes;" he fixed his eyes on his favorite dishes: 鹽酥雞 Taiwanese fried chicken (literally, salty crisp chicken) and smelly tofu, and stuffed them into his mouth. He even shot out, "Singers who rely on their own power and talent don't need to rely on their appearance. So I can relax and eat." Though Anson wished to stuff himself as well, he wished even more to lose a bit more weight (in order to attract the ladies); thus, in the end, he took only a mouthful of 糖葫蘆 sugercoated haws to satisfy his craving.

During his concert, Anson performed both 張雨生 Chang YuSheng's 我的未來不是夢 [Wo De Wei Lai Bu Shi Meng] [My Future Is Not a Dream] and David Tao Che's 找自己 [Zhao Zi Ji] [Find Myself]. His voice broke when he forced it up to reach the high notes; however, he looks on this lightly. He said that a "breaking voice" can be considered an expression of his emotions; "imperfection" is also a type of "ambience."

Ronald, however, continued to tease Anson; he revealed that, the first time he held a Fans' Meeting in Shanghai, he heard Anson, who was 17 at the time, perform 你的眼睛背叛了我的心 [Ni De Yan Jing Bei Pan Le Wo De Xin] [Your Eyes Have Betrayed My Heart]. He didn't think much of the performance; he did not expect Anson to come out with a debut album the following year. It gave him a fright and a surprise! Standing to the side and listening to his labelmate intentionally tease him, Anson tried several times to "counterattack;" alas, he was unsuccessful.

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