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Saturday, November 22, 2008

S.H.E : Three Girls , One Show

S.H.E: Three Girls, One Show

Innocent, adorable, carefree, chatty…no matter how you racked your brain, it would still be impossible to describe these three girls. It had been three weeks and S.H.E once again appeared in Fuzhou. This time they were here to participate in the videotaping of the charity program [Love across the Straits] and at the same time, promoting their new album [My Station FM S.H.E] which was released on September 23.

S.H.E: Passionate about Charity

Since they were here as [Ambassadors of Love] to Fuzhou, then the conversation topic would, of course, be focused on doing charitable work. "We love doing charity-related work. Therefore this time as soon as we received the invitation, we cleared our schedule to make time to come. Actually we started to do charitable work several years ago. We even went to India to visit the underprivileged children there." Ella who was the most outgoing of the three, grabbed the mike. "Other than that, what else do you have in mind?" Asked the reporters. "Since we started in the business seven years ago, we had always maintained that we do not take gifts from our fans and suggest to them to donate the money they would have spent on buying gifts to charitable organizations. Each year, on our birthdays, the happiest thing is when we receive the donation receipts sent to us from our fans. We are truly moved by the gestures ." It was obvious that Ella did not want to give her group mates a chance and like pouring out beans, quickly explained everything.

S.H.E: Wishing for the Perfect Love

When everyone gets to a certain age, marriage would be on agenda regardless male or female. Looking at the beautiful and adorable trio, the reporters could not help but be concerned about their plans for marriage. "We have, actually we have been waiting for a good man to come along all this time." This time, it was the quiet Hebe that spoke up. "Actually we are like all other females. We don’t like to watch war movies or ghost movies. We only like to watch love stories or comedies. Often, we are touched by the characters in the movies and really wished that we can have a similarly perfect love story like them." [Having marriage and children, would that affect your group?] "No, there are three of us. We would arrange among ourselves to get involve in relationships at different times, to have children at different times. This way, the other two can hold the fort in the meantime to ensure the group would function normally. Our thoughts are actually very traditional. To be married and have children is a certainty."

S.H.E: A Pact of Never Forsaking Each Other

It had been seven happy years for S.H.E since they first appeared on the scene on September 11, 2001. Yet the {Seven Years’ Itch} was a topic that they could not avoid. Therefore, there were reporters who asked how S.H.E would deal with this {Seven Years’ Itch}. Selina, who had been silent all this time, took control of the conversation: "To be accurate, we had already gone past the seven years’ itch and have entered a brand new eighth year. Furthermore, we feel very comfortable and are not in any ways itchy right now. " Ella on the side even humorously kept scratching her arm back and forth, leading everyone to start laughing. "Actually, we had already made a pact that the three of us would never forsake each other, so that S.H.E would go from a girl group all the way to being a mama-group and to a grandmother group."

During the whole press conference, S.H.E was like three happy little birds chattering back and forth. At times, they would interrupt the questioning of the reporters and other times, they would “swear” lightly while making faces. Looking at the chaotic scene, you can only say with a heartfelt sigh: It was so good to be young!

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC , and fznews
original source :

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