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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Big Bang Leader G-Dragon, Solo Coming Close; Plans to work on Solo Album Next Year in US

Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon is planning on debuting as a solo artist.

G-Dragon is planning to go to United States to work on songs as soon as Big Bang finishes their 2nd album promotion, thus he can release his solo album. In July, YG Family’s Yang CEO mentioned about G-Dragon’s solo activity through company’s website. This plan has started to make progress and G-Dragon is looking forward to his solo debut very close.

During an interview with MyDaily, G-Dragon revealed his plan and said the “songs were already made,” and reported that the plan is to become actualized.

G-Dragon is planning on going to United States soon as Big Bang’s 2nd album promotion ends. G-Dragon revealed his reason why he’s going to US, “all the people who I work with are in United States right now” and said his happy plan that “(with this chance) I am planning to go on a trip to the United States with members.”

There is a higher chance that his solo album will be a mini album. G-Dragon predicted that “about 6-7 songs will go into the album,” and also mentioned that “concept and genre aren’t decided yet.”

Big Bang is receiving a lot of love as a group, but Taeyang and Daesung were active as a solo with “Look at Only Me” and “Look At Me, Gwisoon”

** the article says that the MEMBERS (the rest of the boys) might possibly be “tripping” down to the states as well. SO EXCITING! don’t feel left out - there is hope for all of us ^__^

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Original Article: mydaily
Translated by: Jeska + gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators

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