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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jay Chou becomes the driver, Vincent Fang directs

source: Liberty Times
translated by:

The name to Jay Chou's new song "Lan Ting Xu" originates from Chinese calligrapher Wang Xi Zhi's famous work, for the MV they invited the current famed calligrapher Dong Yang Zi to write a few words personally, they enlarged them and made them into works of art, seeing this scenery, Jay Chou admired saying: "It's too diao!"

Usually Jay Chou spends a lot of money on the backdrops of his MVs, yet "Lan Ting Xu" doesn't have this, the clean backdrop made him feel a bit empty. The director Vincent Fang explained, after he acted in stage show "Liu Yi Bang", he discovered the scenes in a stage show are very unique, the furnishing and decorations are all represented by symbols and not real scenery this MV is related to calligraphy so he's used the cleanliness to show off the beauty of calligraphy.

Dong Yang Zi praised Vincent Fang for his idea of mixing traditional calligraphy into a pop music MV, she hopes to get youngsters to understand the beauty of calligraphy through this. Dong Yang Zi has seen Jay Chou performing magic on a TV show before, she thinks Jay Chou is very cute, so she generously wrote 4 words, unexpectedly she made an exception and only took the writing fee, with the view that Dong Yang Zi's 1 word picture costs at least 300,000 yuan, the staff were surprised and happy, they blurted out: "We got a really good deal!"

On the day of the filming, Vincent Fang playfully jumped on the rickshaw, Jay Chou went along with it and became the driver, he grumbled: "I've got a kind of feeling of working for you like a dog", the staff beside them hilariously said: "Wow, a heavenly king helping Vincent Fang pull a cart!" Just as Vincent Fang was feeling full of himself, Jay Chou suddenly deliberately tilted the cart, Vincent Fang nearly fell off, Jay Chou immediately laughed saying: "Now you know being a director isn't all that fun!"

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