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Monday, November 24, 2008

Jay Chou becomes intelligent doing magic, praises Andy Lau's "chain and ring" technique as brilliant

source: chinatimes
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Andy Lau performed magic at his concert, he changed the clothes of a female dancer in the blink of an eye, his technique was amazing, Jay Chou, who also loves magic, couldn't watch it because he was in Beijing filming, but he praised both Andy Lau and Stephen Fung as already being "professional class" in his heart, he praised them but didn't forget to compliment himself saying: "People who do magic are very clever!" He used this as an excuse to compliment himself as a intelligent magician.

At the concert, Andy Lau smiled asking the audience who do they think of when magic is mentioned in Taiwan? The fans offstage were divided, some shouted "Jay Chou" and some shouted "Andy Lau", Andy Lau pretended to trip a bit because he originally only expected to hear "Andy Lau".

To this, Jay Chou praised Andy Lau's "chain and ring" technique, it really opened up his eyes, besides Andy Lau, he laughed at his good friend Shawn Yue for his kid-like attitude, whenever he learned new magic tricks he shows them off straight away, he lacks the practise and instead many flaws show through.

Jay Chou has been studying magic for 7 years, he often relies on magic to create surprise, he heard that the media wanted to see the revitalized soda can magic trick, he used the excuse of going to the toilet to tell his assistant to buy a can and leave it at the entrance of the restaurant to wait for the chance, when he passed by, he immediately performed the revitalized can trick, with all his hard work he got some good reviews, he had a proud face, later he jokingly expressed, why not turn the concert into a magic show 2 years later and make the 101 disappear!

He, who has a full schedule, a few days ago used the hour he had to spare while filming an MV to write a song, the topic of it was "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", it was full of mysteriousness. When will he work with Brigitte Lin? He said: "Brigitte Lin is a national treasure class celebrity, she's not someone who can simply be invited, it must be a well written script made to fit for her, I'll only dare to visit her when I have this."

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