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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fahrenheit Singapore concert, just "grab" where you wan

A lot of situations occurred at Fahrenheit’s Hong Kong concert, wearing the wrong shoes, hurting the waist, hurting the leg, the four of them were almost hurt all over, but they feel very relieved with Singapore fans. Wu Zun and Aaron Yan said that besides the face, fans can grab anywhere they want. And what they worry the most is not going out of tune like what other singers are worried about, or the incident of wearing the wrong shoes happening again, they are worried about the component where they had to talk with the audience.

As the concert name ‘Fahrenheit’s Fantasy World Tour’ suggested, it is to let fans ‘fantasize’, let them see the Fahrenheit that they didn’t expected. At the Singapore concert press conference, Calvin Chen explained, “For example, ‘Only Have Feelings for You’, the dance of this song was previous choreographed, but this time we have changed all the dance steps. Even some of the weapons in the concert were not seen before. Also our solo performance is something that was not performed before. For this, we have trained for a long time to let everyone see a different Fahrenheit.”

Fahrenheit originally came to do their promotions with one member short, but Jiro Wang who had injured his leg ‘appeared’ at the press conference suddenly. In the about one minute pre-recorded video, he still looked rather happy. He said that currently he is going through the physiotherapy arranged by the doctor, and should be able to display his handsome dance moves on stage in Singapore during December.

Aaron Yan said that the concert rehearsals this time came from the fragmented time that they had pieced together, hopefully they can cultivate good chemistry; Jiro Wang also insist on having rehearsals with everyone. “He is really a Virgo who aims for perfection. The chemistry among the four of us is growing from this journey, I believe he just went for a one month rest, hopefully we are able to display good chemistry for everyone then.”

Fahrenheit who had been in the industry for three years and released two albums is holding their world tour for the first time. This is a testimony of hard work and persistence, for them it is an achievement. This concert is a test for them after accumulating three years of experience and things that they have learnt, ticket sales and reviews is their result slip.

Wu Zun said, “We have worked hard for 3 years, I feel that you want to show what you have learnt in the 3 years on stage to share with those who support us. Because we feel that the most important thing about concert is to give something back to the fans. They supported us for so long, they want to watch our concert; seeing them supporting us is a power and also a thanks.”

At the press conference, the 3 of them said that the stage should be similar to the one in Hong Kong, extend to the back, and then have a hanging bridge for them to interact with fans from all four sides. At the same time they will try to add in new substances for the Singapore concert. The first song in their new album which will be released at the end of December will also be exposed for the first time on Singapore’s stage.

Aaron Yan said, “Our new album is releasing soon, the first song in the trailer is rather nice, want to share with everyone. Use the concert as a chance to publish our new song; I feel that can let everyone know how nice the songs in our third album are. The genre has to keep a secret first.”

And to coordinate with their new album, Fahrenheit also had new haircuts. During the Singapore promotions, they had to wear caps to be mysterious. Calvin Chen said, “Hairstyle has a bit of changes due to the new album, during that time should have more space for creation, more changes, so have to wear secret weapon (caps), and also cannot be exposed!”

Wu Zun revealed that there are different situations for every concert, so every time he got on stage he will be anxious. And at the concert, Fahrenheit is most concerned about the interaction with audience; in Wu Zun’s eyes, this is their weakest component. “I feel that when we interact and talk, because everyone will be a bit messy, so maybe we will be a bit more cautious this time. Actually in this component, our seniors (S.H.E) are cleverer. So after watching so many of their performance we will have expectations on ourselves.”

Aaron Yan also said, “I feel that a very good example is Ah Xin from Mayday. He is quite good at leading the interaction between the fans and the band. After all this is the first time for us, Fahrenheit, in this part we might need to learn more from the seniors and more experienced singers, so hopefully we can display even better chemistry at the Singapore concert.”

Many singers are most worried about singing out of tune, but Wu Zun feels that it is common to make mistakes in concert, most importantly is to be engrossed in the performance. “Actually I feel that for concert, the person must be engrossed. No matter if you sing wrongly, out of tune, dance wrongly, if you are engrossed the audience will be too when they see you. Because I feel that it is common to make mistakes in concerts.”

At the Hong Kong concert when Fahrenheit was having close contact with fans at the extended stage, they were scratched by fans. Jiro Wang’s lips was scratched and Wu Zun’s back was hit swollen by the wooden board.

Aaron Yan said, “Just try to grab us! Ha ha.”

Although Calvin Chen was shocked by Aaron Yan’s words but he said that he is not worried about Singapore fans. He said, “I feel that Singapore fans are rather order, so they might not, as long as they party with us it’s alright. We will appear in front of you very closely, then you all just appreciate our performance. Can keep screaming in front of us.”

However Wu Zun still added in the end, “Ok, can grab where you want, most importantly don’t grab the face.”

translated by : jastan87 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and

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