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Friday, November 28, 2008

Cecilia Cheung couldn't stop Lucas from crying

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: Matchbox @
Cecilia Cheung who has been focusing on taking care of her family, although has not been onscreen for quite a while but still had fans that missed her. At about 5:00pm Cecilia took her son Lucas, mother in law Deborah Lee and 2 maids to a shopping mall cafe to have tea. It appeared that Lucas was very interested in the Christmas decorations at the cafe and became curious. He often looked everywhere and Cecilia was beside feeding him food. Originally it was very peaceful untill playful Lucas suddenly hit his forehead. He immediately burst out crying. In order to not disturb the other customers Cecilia carried him away to calm him down.

But afterwards, Lucas still didn't stop crying. Cecilia returned and asked Deborah to help. Both of them did their best to stop him crying but he carried on. They both appeared embarassed, at this point a girl suddenly appeared with a piece of paper and pen and asked for Cecilia's autograph. Cecilia nodded politely but Deborah refused and dismissed her to leave. This left the fan leaving in dissapointment. After 5 minutes, Lucas finally stopped crying. They paid the bill and left.

A reporter immediately asked Cecilia if she could do an interview? Perhaps due to not not having approval from Nicholas she did not answer any of the reporters questions. However Deborah was generous and said that she will be spending Christmas with her son and grandson by having a big feast. Asked whether Cecilia will give birth to a OX baby? (2009 is the year of the Ox). She didn't respond. Deborah then asked Lucas to give her a kiss and Lucas immediately did it.Cecilia praised Lucas for being a Good boy. When they left Lucas waved goodbye to the reporters.

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