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Saturday, November 22, 2008

FanFan's Taichung concert; duet with Angela Zhang most popular

source: UDN
translated by: x-WISHFULthinking @

Fan Wei Qi’s “We Are Friends” concert tour yesterday entered Taichung. Good friends Angela Zhang, Claire Kuo, Janet and Hei Girl offered their support, but what made FanFan most happiest, was that “the man she loves most” – her dad was also there.

FanFan sung a total of 30 classic songs. Yesterday in Taipei, Andy Lau, Sandy Lam and the Taipei Beer Stars were all holding concerts but FanFan expressed, “Tonight, Taipei is indeed very lively, but in Taichung, the warmth you guys give me will definitely not lose to Taipei!”

This Taichung concert displayed FanFan’s good relationship with people. Janet, who has up to 20 years of classical violin experience, specially brought her 7,000,000TWD classical violin and performed “One-To-One”, “Small Eyes” and other love songs together with FanFan. FanFan also changed to wear a mini-skirt, revealing her long slender legs.

However, what fans were most anticipating was the collaboration between FanFan and Angela Zhang, and this became the grand finale performance. They sung “If The Matter” and “No 1. Sweetheart” - which FanFan had specially composed for Angela, and the whole atmosphere evidently reached the highest point here.

Good friends Da S and Xiao S also sent flower baskets offering their congratulations. In the card, they wrote: “Great lungs strength of a singer, scare the Taichung audience to death! We love you!”

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