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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Roommates reveal: Ethan Ruan likes to crazily pee, letting it be Eddie Peng’s surfing drink; Likes to be ‘Edison Chen’ and take friends’ nude pictures

Source: Yahoo News
Translated by: Initial E @
In real life, hot new Idol drama actor Ethan Ruan Jing Tian 阮經天 (Xiao Tian 小天) is not like an idol at all. He loves to urine on his friends’ bodies, and also does an ‘Edison Chen’, liking to snap pictures of his friends’ naked bodies.

To promote his new book, Ethan Ruan went on Azio TV’s ‘Azio Entertainment’, and specially brought along his two good friends, who were former room-mates with him - Ah Jun and Mark, who spilled details about him. Ah Jun revealed that one day, him and Ethan were in a rush to go out, hence they bathed together in the shower. Suddenly Ah Jun felt something hot against his backside, and when he turned around, he found out that it was Ethan that peed on his body. When Ethan heard him say that, he laughed loudly and said: “From that angle it was just perfect, and he also retaliated by peeing on my head!”

Ethan does not only pee on his room-mates – Eddie Peng was one of his victims too. He said: “We went surfing together. As I am more experienced, I am always the one in front and Eddie behind me. Then I will sneakily pee, hence I feel that he has grown up drinking my pee!”

He also likes to take pictures of his friends’ naked bodies, Eddie Peng included as well. They have all seen each other naked before, and being males, they would often compare between whose is ‘bigger’ or ‘smaller’, and Ethan’s size is admired by those who’ve seen it before.

His good friends also accused Ethan of ‘leaving his friends behind for love’ (重色輕友). As long as his girlfriend is present, he would not answer his phone. However, they also said that he is a very good boyfriend who treats his girlfriend very well, often driving her to places. Despite them saying all that, he still refuses to admit his and Tiffany Hsu Wei Ning’s (許瑋甯) romance. However, when asked this question: “If you swim to a deserted island, which is the first person you hope to see when you open your eyes?” His answer was: “Tiffany Hsu.”, and explained: “Because I’m most familiar with her!” showing that the two’s relationship is really good.

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