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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Super Junior M - Most Popular Group

While Kore's MKMF Awards was going at the same time in Seoul, Fuzhou, China held an award ceremony of their own. SM Entertainment’s artists won in their respective categories: Zhang Li Yin for Best Mainland Newcomer, and Super Junior-M for Most Popular Group.

Both artists performed after receiving their awards. Zhang Li Yin sang “Believe in Love”, the featured song on her upcoming repackage album, while Super Junior-M performed "ME",their latest featured single from their first album.

Hangeng of SJM was not in attendance. (Most likely due to drama filming schedules.)

Credit: Sohu+ Wendy@Chocolyn for compiling
posted on: dbjchic
here's the full translation of the backstage interview @ CCTV MTV after winning Mainland's best group award~

Reporter: You're a Korean group, how come you've received the Mainland's best group award?
Hangeng: SJM is a subgroup of the Korean 13 member group SJ. This time our group has made a subgroup, SJM, specialized in China's (music) market. The M of SJM means Mandarin in Chinese. So that's why we received this award. And we also have Chinese members in the group, we have added Henry and Zhoumi.

Reporter: Hangeng, you've debuted for only a several months, yet you already have 7/8 rumoured girlfriends. Are they true?
Hangeng: Ok, here it comes again. Already the 3rd time to answer these kind of questions. The rumours were for the biggest part fake. Leave it as it is after reading it. they're not true.

Reporter: Last time you said that Huang Yi was too old for you, wouldn't she feel sad?
Hangeng: Mh, this is the 2nd time (answering), but I want to say sorry, ..because in the drama and outside the drama we're good friends always joking around. When I said she was too old, I meant it as a joke only. Very Sorry. Huang Yi can take a lot and she has forgiven me so it's ok. Our relationship (as in friends) is very good.

Reporter: (can't hear it very well. Something about speaking korean & Chinese, how they communicate?)
Hangeng: I went to Korea in 2003 for training. So communicating(?) with them is a bit easier. Zhoumi and Henry have trained in Korea for 2 years, so we communicate in Korean. The Korean members learn Chinese when we do activities in China. So communicating is not a problem. (and he said something about some other languages and Cantonese that it's not a problem as well)

Reporter: Heechul has written a long entry in his Cyworld that he misses you, have you missed the other members too?
Siwon: We would call the other members when we miss them. (and something like, they would tell the others I miss you, let's eat together etc)

Reporter: Is SJM considered a korean or Chinese group in Korea?
Hangeng: SJM's first album is a Chinese album with Chinese songs. With the Chinese songs we do activities within China (and so SJM is a Chinese group) But in Korea we won't(?) do activities because we have Chinese songs, if we do activities in Korea, we do that with the 13 members in Korea.

Translated by Wing @

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