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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jay Chou: My first love at 15 was not romantic but hurt very painfully

Source: Liao1

"I think that liking does not equate to love, you can like a lot of people and things, but with love you can only love one person, a lot of youngsters nowadays probably don't quite understand the difference between like and love. I think that even when I'm 50-60 I still won't be able to differentiate the middle line between these, for you to love someone it might be that you are willing to give a lot for her, you can like her eyes or her personality, but yet love is liking everything about her."

Now, the matured Jay Chou has a much more reasonable hope for his other half:

1. She must be younger than him by 4-5 years. When Jay Chou was filming a commercial, because of lively young boys and young girls jumping around, he said emotionally: "In the future I'm going to have a son just like myself, a boy with talent, the ability to play the piano, understands music, has his own thinking, as for homework, it doesn't have to be too good. If it's a girl, I hope to raise her into a tranquil, low profile young beauty." He hopes for two kids which will be just right, the best would be one boy and one girl, they can accompany one another.

2. She should have her own thinking for music she loves. Jay Chou hopes his other half can share the music world with him, he said: "Besides acknowledgement, my wife should be able to suggest a certain amount of views and analysis, she cannot just be my follower."

3. She should love cleanliness and doing housework. Jay Chou hopes his future wife does housework, he revealed that since he was young he has been a boy who loves cleanliness, when he was young he would even carefully wash chopsticks his parents used before he would use them. This article is translated by

4. She has to have a highly adaptive time schedule. Being an artist and actor, his working hours are very flexible, Jay Chou hopes his other half can completely match his time off, his wife can have her own career, but she can't be part of the 9 to 5 clan. When he wants to relax a bit and take a holiday abroad, his wife should be able to put down all her work and accompany him on holiday to recharge; when he's making music or singing from day to night, his wife cannot complain about not seeing him or being given the cold shoulder.

As for when he's getting married, he said: "I hope to get married around 34 or 35, but that's just what I'm thinking right now. Because after getting into the entertainment circle, I still haven't met a girl who matches my ideal, if this girl appeared, maybe I'll....anything can happen in the future!"

After many years of practise, towards the media's questions of his "girlfriend", he's already familiar with it and blurted out: "Any girl who admires my songs, is my girlfriend."

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