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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

'My So Called Love' Premieres - Xiao S revelations almost let Da S to regret asking her to host

Translated by: Initial E @

'My So Called Love' premiered on the night of 18 November in Taiwan. The main actors - Da S, Eddie Peng, Joseph Chang and Dong Ming Xiang all attended. The event was hosted by Xiao S (Dee Hsu) and Kevin Tsai. Xiao S relentlessly revealed some of Da S's secrets, saying that Da S is very impulsive when it comes to love, and it is very easy for her to fall for the male lead. All these led to Da S resisting the urge to snatch the microphone away from her. Xiao S asked each actor how they would introduce the movie. Da S's answer was that the movie is 'one that is full of meat'.

The way Xiao S and Kevin Tsai hosted 'My So Called Love' premiere was exactly like how they hosted Kang Xi Lai Le. In this event, Xiao S boldly declared that Da S doesn't need to practice her love at all, she is very impulsive and one that will be deeply immersed into a relationship. She even wanted Da S to pose for a shoot with Eddie Peng, Joseph Chang, and Dong Ming Xiang by kissing them deeply - which almost led to Da S snatching the microphone away from her and saying "I so regret asking you to host this, this is my premiere!'

Da S revealed that this movie let her learn the true meaning of love. Although she is still in the process of learning, now she has the courage to move forward to her unknown future. Xiao S asked her whether she fell in love with Joseph Chang during the filming process. Da S answered with one sentence: "At that time, I was still healing, OK?"

During the filming of 'My So Called Love', a scene of the movie got stolen, and it was the scene where Da S was ruthlessly beating Eddie Peng, and also where her step father peaked at her while bathing. At the premiere, Da S told the director that if the movie could earn 1 billion taiwanese dollars, would he return the tape? Because Da S has always believed that it was the director who stole the tape.

Manager of news Shi Ya Ping also went to support the movie. She said that her film critics friends told her that 'My So Called Love' is a very good movie, and will do very well. She hopes that everyone would support Taiwan's movies together, and that the box office would break TW$500,0000,00, and get an extra 20% in congratulatory prizes.

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