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Monday, November 24, 2008

Rainie Yang MV ; Built Moon Palace

translation ginying@ryifc-na

*Moon Palace is a mythical palace in the moon

Rainie Yang started shooting the MV for her third single, Cold War. This is an American style with rock-and-roll element, allowing Rainie Yang to show her singing prowess as rock singer. George Hu, also known as Little LeeHom, worked with Rainie in a series and was invited to star in this MV. The director, keeping with the ‘cold’ war theme, used large ice blocks as the scene, asked the leads to sit ice bed. Rainie Yang, who had a cold, shoot the MV while sitting on a 0°C ice block in a 12°C room; not only raging Cold War, also shivering. (Shivering and cold war has the same pronunciation in Chinese)

In the MV, Rainie Yang and her partner is having a ‘Cold War’, making her moody, at the same time, the cold wind lower the temperature, and lying on the 0°C ice lowered her body temperature; can be said she reach the pinnacle of coldness! Rainie Yang sang with rock element in it, telling the story of the cold war between two lovers, have a frigid relationship. Keeping with the lyrics, “so cold nearly suffocate…. Breath becomes ice”, the director used ice block as the scene, and arranged 6 blocks into a double bed, asking Rainie to rage Cold War in this miniature Moon Palace. That day, the cold wind blew in, Rainie Yang who was already with a cold, was shivering without lying on the icebed but she acted professionally and lie on the ice bed and complete filming. Due to the fear of the main prop—the ice, melting, the director, forbid the use of heater, to finish filming before all the ice melted thus Rainie did not dare to bring her heater pack on to set, complete filming as if lying naked on ice with no thermal protection on. It was worth mentioning that Rainie was in this miniature Moon Palace for 12 straight hours, where upon completion of the ‘cold’ show, she check in directly in the hospital, what a heartache.

George Hu and Rainie Yang on 0°C icebed, did not rage a ‘cold war’ was shivering instead. For this MV, they specially invite George who worked with Rainie Yang in to help. Although both of them are acting as lovers, but due to the Cold War, they did not have any hot scenes. They were sitting on the icebed, ignoring each other instead. Rainie said that both of them became friends after the drama and this time when filming on the cold icebed, George did not complain instead as soon as the director shouted ‘Cut’ he will courteously give his jacket to Rainie, making Rainie very thankful and touched. Rainie said that as soon as they were shooting, they weren’t raging a cold war but was really shivering. When asked will she ignore her boyfriend when they were fighting, Rainie said that she wil never do that and don’t like it when her boyfriend do that too. Straightforwardness is her way and a relationship needs communication

Rainie Yang likes the theme of coldness in her MV, the ice-woman makeup, the fridge and the ice bed. Rainie jokingly said she has fate with coldness, and confer upon herself ‘The Freezing Queen’ Looking back at her MV’s, from her first solo, , till now, there is always an association with ice. In she closed herself in an ice chamber, having a ice-doll makeup; in the male lead and her were in icy water; in she looked herself in a fridge to recover from a breakup; this time the Director ‘served’ Rainie with an icebed instead, Rainie jokingly said that “the director really likes me in cold” I’m fated with “ice”, just call me the “Freezing Queen”

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