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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Aaron Yan faces drop-out crisis

source: Liberty Times
translated by: x-WISHFULthinking @

Fahrenheit’s Aaron Yan has missed too many lessons at school, and is now facing a drop-out crisis. Coincidentally, his classmate Wilson Chen Bo Lin is also facing the same situation. Yesterday morning just before 8, the 2 were accompanied by their parents and had a long talk with the dean – Mr Chan, for half an hour. He was touched by the sincerity they showed, and hence let them remain at school. However, after only attending 2 classes, the 2 immediately left school!

Leaves school after only 2 lessons

According to sources, Aaron was very scared about having to drop-out of school and he did not sleep for the whole night. In the morning, he, his father and his manager Li Jia Zhen headed to the university. After entering the classrom, Aaron’s dad and manager talked with Mr Chan for a long time, and all their faces looked very serious indeed.

When classes started, Aaron, Wilson and 5,6 other students had 2 hours of english lesson. After this, they headed to the dean’s office, along with Aaron’s dad, Aaron’s manager and Wilson’s mother. After about half an hour, they came out, however both Aaron and Wilson did not go back to their lessons, but rather left school.

Accompanied by parents, serious talk with dean for half an hour

So what did they talk about inside the dean’s office? Mr Chan expressed, that this term, both Aaron and Wilson have missed many lessons, and did not hand in their assignments, hence they faced the crisis of dropping out. However, after talking with Aaron’s dad and Wilson’s mother, he felt they showed a lot of sincerity, and both parties also promised that they would catch up and hand in any overdue assignments. Mr Chan said, “Everything will go by the rules.” He illiterated that he is the only teacher to do this job, and does not want to deliberately make things difficult.

Bobby Dou needs to make-up extra credits, Ming Dao also facing drop-out crisis

As for classmates Ming Dao and Bobby Dou, Mr Chan expressed that Bobby only needs to make up the extra credits, his absences won’t affect his schoolwork. However, Ming Dao who is currently in China has not come to school yet and Mr Chan said he is waiting for his “sincerity”. Ming Dao’s manager Li Shi Xiang expressed, “During his free time from filming, he will go to school.”

And as for why both Aaron and Wilson left after only 2 lessons, Aaron replied, “In the afternoon, I have to catch a flight, and go to Guang Zhou to film ad.” His manager also helplessly expressed that because Aaron is part of Fahrenheit, many events require all 4 of them to attend. Wilson however said, “I just want to go outside to buy some stuff la!” and left with his mother.

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