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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jerry Yan has 2000 fans waiting in Japan; Ariel Lin left out in the cold

translated by: x-WISHFULthinking @

Jerry Yan has high popularity in Japan, and this No. 1 Idol King had over 2000 fans waiting at the airport for him, leaving Golden Bell queen Ariel Lin in the cold.

GTV’s new Japanese manga adapted drama “Extravagant Challenge” is funded by both GTV and Japan. Hence, the press conference was specially held in Tokyo. Jerry, Ariel and director Niu Cheng Zhe became the biggest selling points, however Jerry was the most popular, and the female and male leads evidently received different treatment.

Yesterday afternoon, Jerry and Ariel arrived at Narita airport, and there were over 2000 Hong Kong and Korean fans waiting. However, it was obvious that they were all Jerry’s fans. 20 bodyguards accompanied them and Japanese Customs department opened a specialy channel so that they could leave the airport quickly. However, unfortunately, their laggage did not keep up and took about 2 hours before released.

The hotel suite that Jerry is staying at is 47 square meters big, and it costs 600,000 yen to stay for one night (200,000TWD). Lots of fresh juice and bottles of mineral water were prepared for him, and also a long rental car. However, Ariel’s hotel suite only costs 180,000 yen for one night (60,000TWD). No. 1 Idol King and Golden Bell Queen evidently are receiving different treatment in Japan.

However the drama’s general production manager Liu Kai Lok expressed, that to the production company, the male and female leads receive the same treament, but the rooms are arranged by the Japanese side: “To the Japanese people, Jerry is indeed No. 1 Idol King!”

However, Ariel did not let this affect her mood. She rarely has the chance to sit in such a high-class limosine, and she and Jerry and director Niu imitated the “Titanic” pose, resulting in much laughter.

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