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Saturday, November 22, 2008

S.H.E Work Summary: A Role in Jay Chou Movie after Being Deejays Not Bad Idea

DJ S.H.E had arrived! Last Sunday, S.H.E came to Guangzhou to promote their new album {My Station FM S.H.E}. The theme of being DJs was not only in the album, earlier they even took a turn as DJs by launching a month-long S.H.E online radio station in which they chatted about gossips, life and love with the audience. This reporter conducted an interview with these three adorable yet nonsensical young women and asked them to critique the various guests that went on their online station. At the same time, they were also ask to reveal a little about any other great plans that they might have now that they had a turn being deejays.

Was it fun as Deejays?
It Was Not Bad, Pretty Enjoyable!

In the business for eight years, this year, S.H.E released their 11th album titled {My Station FM S.H.E}. To coordinate with the promotion of the album, the trio even took an enjoyable turn as online deejays. Not only they were accompanied by their fans, they even invited Ah Mei, Chiling Lin, Cai Kang Yong and Jay Chou to be their interviewed guests. This time, even usually talkative S.H.E went “dry” for once! However, they still felt that it was not too bad! Quite enjoyable!

"When we go on regular programs, we can banter back and forth to an expert level. Because each day, the content of the programs was different and was something we really liked, the audience was also our fans, so each time when we record, it would be as if we are chatting among ourselves. Yet, when we had to face guests, we don’t have that much experience so the conversation would run a bit dry. We leaned more towards being more self-centric and self-manifesting. To put the focus and keep posing questions to someone else, that’s a little more difficult. We are not very good at that."

The “Driest” Interview in History

Earlier in Taiwan, S.H.E had self-evaluated the interview with their first guest as the “driest interview in history”. Selina who had more experience hosting programs made this special clarification: "The first interview was with Ah Mei. At the time, we were incredibly nervous. It was like “Oh my god, we can interview guests”. That caused all three of us to be really nervous. As a result, the whole interview was wrecked." (The other two protested: "It wasn’t wrecked! It was OK!") Selina continued to explain: "In comparison to the other programs, we felt that this one was a bit wrecked. Because we kept …praising her non-stop and that led to her not really knowing how to respond. There was even one point where she helped us looking through the list of questions set for the program. Oh, such unprofessional program hosts! It was quite funny!"

Mesmerized by Her!

Speaking of Chiling Lin, all three praised together: "I feel that she is a woman of both inner and outer beauty." "She is a very positive person. She is someone that radiates positive energy. That is very similar to the message of this album and the feeling we normally wanted to convey to everyone."

Here to Steal Their Jobs

"Kang Yong turned the table on us and became him interviewing us. We also unconsciously fell into the routine of being interviewed." Hebe started off complaining, however Ella immediately added: "But I like the episode with Kang Yong better." Her comments received agreement from the other two. Because everyone was able to “chat about everything under the sun”, it was a very happy experience.

Jay Chou who continuously showed off his magic tricks was their last and also most familiar guest, "He was very skillful in doing the magic tricks but he kept doing it and that seemed hilarious to us. It was like a little child who learned something new today and wanting to show off non-stop. You get the feeling that he is very much like a little boy."

What next, what else is there to play?

In recent years, the career of S.H.E continued to rise, not only they had successful album sales, through their interests and abilities, the three even enjoyed tremendous fun doing various activities. Selina was an upcoming host in the hosting realm. Both Ella and Hebe made their entry as female leads into the world of TV drama. The three were having so much fun that people starting to question whether singing was becoming a side job for S.H.E. Would S.H.E forsake music? What else would S.H.E attempt?

Acting, Hosting?
Those are Side Jobs

To the suspicions from the outside, S.H.E indicated firmly that music remained the focus of their career. "Our main career is still our music. Attempting anything else is our side job."

Showing their true color within three sentences, S.H.E’s habit of joking around and revealing each other’s secrets came out again, "However, all these still are things belonging to the entertainment circle. Real side jobs are like Hebe’s family who opened a restaurant. Now that is what I would call a side job!” Having her secrets revealed by the other two, Hebe shyly covered her face with a small hand-held fan while the other two laughed gleefully on the side.

Doing Movies?
Not Ancient Costumed Ones

From singing to hosting, television, radio station, now only thing the three had not have any contact was the big silver screen of movies. Coincidentally, whenever Jay Chou produced a movie, he liked to use his own people. His friends, make-up artist, recording engineer, etc. had all been used by him in his movies. According to sources, he had also discovered a number of talents through this method. The relationship between S.H.E and Jay Chou was quite close. Would they take part in a Jay Chou movie? To this, S.H.E said frankly: "If there is a chance. One day if he comes up with a pretty good script and wants the three of us for it, that’s not bad either."

In the new album, there was a song called {Moonlight Diary} for which the trio dressed in cheongsam for the first time to film the MV in a pre-modern setting. When asked if they would want to do an ancient costumed movie? Surprisingly, all three were of the same opinion: "That would be too hard!"

"Movies set in modern time are Ok. Dressed in cheongsam, although not to the point of ancient costumes, was still very uncomfortable when fully attired. However, the type like the martial arts movies would be more tiring and if doing a movie in that type of ancient setting, on location would necessarily mean going into remote mountainous areas, areas that would not have any telephone poles because you can’t have telephone poles showing in the movie. To a girl, such extreme remote areas would be more inconvenient too." Hebe listed all those concerns in one breath. Ella was in full agreement. Selina’s idea was "If the filming is all done within a studio, it wouldn’t be bad either, the type in which all the scenes are done inside a studio." - "But the stuff filmed inside a studio is less realistic…." The conversation turned into a tangled discussion at this point.

About the New Album
More Sensible, More Practical

Looking at the MVs in this S.H.E album, regardless whether it was [Miss Universe], or [Silence] [Highway Exit by the Sea], one could see a sexier and more mature S.H.E. How would they demonstrate this feeling of maturity? "By becoming more sensible and more practical. A more practical feeling is more mature because you think about more things. In the past, the things we thought about may be more fantastical but now we want teach everyone to face life and love with a practical attitude and not to keep thinking about unrealistic things."

Would maturity and sensuality represent the direction S.H E planned to take? The trio indicated that there was no such plan: "We will let nature takes its course. We are not setting any targets for going into a sexier direction or something like that for the future."

When asked if their next album would contain even more fun stuff, Ella quickly answered: "I have some ideas for it already." but then she turned around and said. "But right now, I can’t say anything. I don’t know if my ideas would be used or not. In the case that it was used, it would become trade secret so I can’t say anything." However, the fast-spoken Ella also revealed a piece of good news, "I heard that we may be doing a concert tour next year but right now, everything is still just being discussed."

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and nddaily

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