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Monday, November 17, 2008

Genie Chuo WenXuan Arrives at Autograph Concert On Horseback; Scared Stiff

News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, ChinaTimes,
On the 16th, Genie Chuo WenXuan arrived at her own autograph mini-concert on horseback; she found it hard, however, to forget Lin ChiLing (Taiwan's number one supermodel)'s fall off a horse-- and her subsequent injury. Her face was extremely stiff, and she cried out directly, "I'm scared!"

Genie will be holding a concert in 淡水 DanShui (TamSui) on the 5th of December. She is being extremely tight-lipped, however, on the identity of her special guest. Did she ask Gary Cao Ge? She thinks herself that that wouldn't be very "fresh," but she didn't make any definite statements: "This time, I want to bring a different kind of "spark"!"

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