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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Annie Yi Nengjing Asks Media to Stop Publishing 'Untrue' Reports

Annie Yi Nengjing Asks Media to Stop Publishing 'Untrue' Reports

Taiwan singer-actress Annie Yi Nengjing has denied what she calls untrue reports about her personal life and urged the media to stop spreading false news about her and to respect her privacy and reputation.

The actress and her lawyers issued a written statement on the Chinese website portal on Friday, refuting what Annie Yi called groundless media reports about her personal life, which have caused her and her family a great deal of stress. She also said she would take legal action against media outlets that published an unauthorized photo of her son, Harry.

Media rumors have been circulated for a long time about Annie's troubled marriage to Taiwan pop singer Harlem Yu Chengqing after the paparazzi photographed her strolling hand-in-hand with Taiwan actor Victor Huang Weide on the streets of Beijing. Afterwards, she became the target of public criticism and was called a "failure as a wife and as a mother." It had been reported previously that Annie's public standing had been so greatly jeopardized that her commercial value fell significantly.

Because the photos as well as reports about her allegedly troubled marriage have appeared online, Annie called on the media to stop publishing information that had not been confirmed and said she would retain the right to seek legal retribution against those who published such reports.

There has been a constant stream of media reports since last year that Annie's marriage to Harlem has developed some rifts and cracks. The reports say that under heavy stress the actress confided to friends that her marriage problems had nothing to do with a "third party" and that she felt very wronged and deeply hurt by media reports.

After the photo of Annie Yi and Victor Huang was published in earlier November, both Annie and her husband had remained silent. The pair have been together for more than 20 years.

The report on was the first time the actress has issued a public statement on the media coverage. Harlem has not issued any public statements or comments.

Annie Yi Nengjing, who is filming her latest sitcom in Wuxi, east China's Jiangsu Province, has postponed many of her public activities and interviews since the exposure of her holding hands photo with Victor Huang.

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