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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sizzling scenes spark talk

Sizzling scenes spark talk
Are Cape No 7 stars Van Fan and Tanaka Chie an item off-screen too?
By Charlene Chua / The New Paper

THEY sizzle in a sexy bed scene in Taiwanese blockbuster Cape No 7.

And their on-screen chemistry has led to talk that they are dating off-screen.

So are sparks flying in real life between Taiwanese actor Van Fan and Japanese fashion model Tanaka Chie?

In an interview with The New Paper yesterday, Van said with a laugh: 'I have a girlfriend and it's definitely not Tanaka.'

He also dismissed rumours that his wedding plans were on hold because of his 'affair' with Tanaka.

The 30-year-old actor, who declined to reveal his girlfriend's identity, said: 'I have no intention of getting married yet. So how can my wedding plans change if there isn't a wedding to speak of?'

Van, Tanaka and co-star Shino Lin were promoting the movie in Singapore. It opens here tomorrow.
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Cape No7 has been creating waves in the region. It is the No1 movie in Hong Kong, with an opening-day gross of HK$320,000 ($63,000). In Taiwan, it is the top Chinese-language movie of the year.

The movie features two love stories. One is between a loving couple who were separated 60 years ago. The other is the love story between Aga (Van), a postman with rock-star aspirations, and Tomoko (Tanaka), a struggling model.

Van said: 'They (Aga and Tomoko) are dissatisfied with their lives. So when they meet at work, they take their unhappiness out on each other.'

But love eventually blossoms between the unhappy pair.

But what has the Taiwanese media buzzing are the sparks created by Van and Tanaka in the movie.

In one scene, Tanaka's character gets drunk and Van has to carry her to bed. The two end up sharing a passionate night between the sheets.
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There is also one moving moment where Van's character turns to Tanaka's for an affirmation of their love.

Fan wish

The touching scenes between the couple have had some fans wishing they would pair up.

Ms Shireen Zhang, 25, a secretary, who watched a sneak preview of the movie, said: 'I got goosebumps just watching (the) two of them. I hope they get together in real life!'

For the stars, it was just work.

Van said there were not a lot of love scenes between him and Tanaka, so he did not get 'what the big fuss is all about'.

And although he commented that his leading lady had a 'kind and innocent' nature, he pointed out that looks alone would not make him fall in love with someone.

'Tanaka's pretty. But what's most important to me is how a couple gets along.

'People can be great as friends, and it can become the opposite when they get together,' he added.

As for Tanaka, she is happy the movie got people talking.

She said: 'I am elated that the public has linked our on-screen love relationship to real life. That means that we acted very well.'

When asked about her ideal beau, Tanaka, who is single, said she dislikes 'men who are male chauvinists'.

The 27-year-old actress said: 'He (Van) is talented and has a beautiful voice. He also takes very good care of me.

'But my standards are very high when it comes to selecting a boyfriend.'

Van revealed that communication was not always smooth on the set with Tanaka, who had been learning Mandarin for only eight months before filming began.

Van said: 'The problem was, when I was talking to her, she liked to smile in response. Sometimes, I knew she didn't understand what I was saying.

'She speaks it (Mandarin) well but I don't think her listening skills are as good. I'm worried that it will become a habit. Because what she doesn't know, she'll never learn if she doesn't ask.'

Tanaka explained: 'I didn't dare to talk much because I had been learning Mandarin for only eight months before that.

'Now, at least, I can handle the language better.'

Tanaka said her first impression of Van was that he was rather aloof.

The long-haired beauty, who has starred in Jay Chou's music video Orange Jasmine, said: 'Van is very much like his character, Aga, in the sense that he appears very cool and talks little.

'It's only after you get to know him that you find out he's actually very warm and funny.'

'Cheeky' would likely come to mind for those who know Van better for his bad-boy image. In 2004, he was caught hugging his personal assistant in public.

Then in 2006, he cheekily dropped his pants at an autograph session in Taipei.

On those incidents, Van said: 'I have put all that behind me now.'

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