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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jay Chou gains 3 kilograms for "Wu Shen", his kung fu is good so he doesn't need stunt doubles

"Beggar So" directed by Yuna Heping has already started filming for half a month, they are intensely filming at Beijing. Jay Chou plays Wu Shen in the movie, using his own words to say it, he's a very diao martial arts person. Jay Chou said that for this role he already gained 3 kilograms, and for fight scenes he's already gradually gotten into them, the more important matter is that he hopes that one day he can direct his own kung fu movie, and for this he's secretly learning from Yuan Heping right now.

In the movie Wu Shen has white hair and white clothes, Jay Chou said that the first time he saw this look he was surprised, but also very satisfied, "It's very cool, it's let me understand the feeling of being 60 to 70 years old with white hair early, hair like snow, just acting my song." It's obvious that Jay Chou, who has always wanted to play a martial arts person, admires and really protects this Wu Shen character, even when he was getting interviewed by the media, he was insistent on not holding any logos from the media to take pictures, "I want everyone to see the difference between the usual me and the me in the movie, today I'm not Jay Chou, I'm Wu Shen."

Beijing is into Winter and it's gradually getting cold, this is something Jay Chou finds hard to endure, "Sometimes I get up in the morning at 4-5, I see it's iced over on the lake, it's a rare experience, it's just as well to wear a headband to keep warm." But, after filming for a few days, Jay Chou has been fairly pleased with his kung fu, "At the very start, a scene took 30-40 takes, now it only takes 5, gradually I'm getting better." And the thing that pleased him the most was that the crew arranged two stunt doubles for him and they both haven't had a chance to show their faces, "Up till now it's all done by me."
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In fact, to be able to have such a large improvement within a short few days, Jay Chou put in a lot of work privately, but due to the fact he's playing a high standing Wu Shen, Jay Chou expressed he was "secretly practising", he also increased his food consumption to make himself more robust, "I've already gained 3 kilograms, it's all at the top, you can't have too much, after all I still have concerts." Jay Chou said that before he liked Sun Wu Kong the most, he likes that flavour of fooling around, so he will put a bit of this into Wu Shen, "I don't want to play Wu Shen too seriously, I hope there's a bit of naughtiness, and be frivolous."

Yuan Heping's demand for perfection is all there to be seen, Jay Chou has tasted this before, "After using the normal speed to film, the director will use 48 frames to playback and watch, and see if the punch really hit the face." Yet such strictness did not scare Jay Chou, he even said he was willing to act for no fee for the kung fu movie he loves, "Experience isn't something that can be bought with money, the important point is who is the director, what can I learn." Jay Chou revealed, he's secretly learning from Yuan Heping, "I'm a very greedy Wu Shen, just like how I like to try different styles when I sing, being a director besides literary films I want to film kung fu movies, but I'm just something I'm fantasising about."

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