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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Heart Aches for Harlem Yu ChengQing; XiaoYan Jie Says, "He Is a Good Man"

News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, NOWNews,
Since Annie Yi Neng Jing was photographed, hand-in-hand, with 黃維德 Huang WeiDe, it seems as though her 8-year marriage with Harlem Yu ChengQing (HaLin) is at an end; this has made 小燕 XiaoYan jie, who has watched the two of them fall in love and, later, marry, very unhappy. In private, she has a deep friendship with Harlem; she said that Harlem is a "good man." She has not yet called him to console him (after the pictures surfaced); she hopes only that he can have the time and space to think clearly. Her heart aches, however, for Harlem.

XiaoYan jie revealed that her friendship with Harlem's mother is very good; however, she has yet to either call or text Harlem himself to convey her concern for him. XiaoYan jie pointed out that Harlem is a "good man;" in the past, whenever the media reported that his marriage with Annie was "on the rocks," he dealt quite well. "Before, his 'I don't believe' was really an 'I don't believe.' A relationship must be built on a foundation of mutual trust. However, now that this has happened, he (Harlem) will face it."

XiaoYan jie said that Harlem is a very "manly," but very "good" man; in fact, he's a very "Harlem" type of person. If any other "young person" experienced trouble in love, she would say to them, without any hesitation at all, "Your next one will be even better." Harlem's current situation, however, makes XiaoYan jie's heart ache. She said wisely that no one can make a decision for anyone else; Harlem should be allowed to have the time and space to think this through.

Aside from XiaoYan jie, Harlem and Annie's good friends have all, one after another, expressed their concern over the past couple of days. 方文琳 Fang WenLin, who, along with Annie, is a former member of 飛鷹三姝 Fei Ying San Mei (Three Eagle Sisters), made a statement on her blog, writing, "I hope that this isn't true! If it is true, meizi (younger sister) hopes that you can think this through... because you know what is best for you. And he is a very good man!"

Although many friends have advised or attempted to persuade Harlem and Annie to "think things through," Annie still complained tearfully to one of her friends a few days ago, saying that their marriage has been on the rocks for years. It has also been rumored that, after the pictures of Annie with Huang WeiDe leaked, Harlem's mother has been extremely dissatisfied and unhappy with the behavior of her daughter-in-law. She hopes that he can quickly "cut to the heart of things" and settle this matter quickly.

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