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Friday, November 21, 2008

"Shu Qi is not a third party," Daniel Wu promised to marry Lisa S

Translated by: lindsay @
BEIJING- Daniel Wu and half-bred girlfriend Lisa S. held hands at the Louis vuiton event. They can already get married afte six years of emotional stabililty, but this year, Daniel Wu has been with a series of unexpected dates with Taiwan beauties Kelly Lin and Shu Qi. The other night, Daniel Wu came out with Lisa S. holding hands and denied that Shu Qi was a third party, and reassured everyone that they will definitely get married .

According to media reports in Hong Kong,the event was attended by Josie Ho , Ma Shi-hui and model AnaR.,etc. and attended by famous fashion photographer Timothy,the British artist who has had an art exhibition. Earlier, Daniel Wu has been photographed with Shu Qi , which his girlfriend Lisa S. stalled coming out to clarify their relationship and the rumors.

Daniel Wu and LisaScan get married after six years of a relationship, but this year, Daniel Wu has been photographed first with Kelly Lin in Taiwan,whom he "allegedly held her hand", and soon after was seen dining out with Shu Qi and left together on a vehicle. Asking Daniel Wu whether Shu Qi may be a third party?He said: "She can not be a third party, she is my friend." Why was he not with Lisa S. that night? He said: "She was not in Hong Kong ."

Josie Ho in a very eye-catching bright yellow T-shirt,when asked on his former brother-in-law Xu Jin Heng's marriage with Michelle Reis, Josie said: "Congratulations to him!"

On Daniel Wu's Rumored Affairs, Lisa S. said : I also have male friends 2008-11-22 0:02:30

When Daniel was asked ifhe has secretly met Shu Qi, he claimed that he did not read the report and and made a clarification,and said: "She is not a third party! I shoot my first film working with her , we all know so well we've been working together for many years!" Next ,Lisa S. Stressed: "I would not mind him having a meal with others. I have also male friends. Daniel having female friends for me is not a big problem!"

He was also seen with Kelly Lin ,who is likewise close to Shu Qi. Daniel was asked whether she is also a third party? He said: "No." He stressed that his emotional relationship with Lisa S. is stable and that they will get married before he reach 40.

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