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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Daniel Wu's Role As A Secret Agent in the Film"Wiretap" Has Raised Doubts Due To His Handsomeness

Financial Crime is the main theme of the movie " Wiretap" and was offically introduced on November 25 in Hong Kong. Sean Lau , Louis Koo and Daniel Wu in the film will play as agents of the Criminal Intelligence Bureau, the members of the Bureau who will be tasked to do "interception" on the criminal cases.

"Wiretap" is a joint direction of Mai Zhaohui,and Wen Qiang, Fang-ping and Derek Yee will serve as the executive producers. In addition to Sean Lau, Louis Koo, Daniel Wu, Zhang Jingchu, Fang Zhongxin, Lin Jiahua, Lee Chi-hung, the new generation of actors Lu Shi-Yun, Chen Weiting will likewise appear in this new film .

Currently, financial crisis has been sweeping around the globe, so it was the focus of interest, Mai Zhaohui and Wen Qiang disclosed that there will be a verging war due to the frenzy on the financial market, bringing in this situation is a very new experience to the audiences in the world.

Daniel Wu's Handsomeness has been questioned
Daniel Wu

As the star to play as intelligence officer- in charge of interception, Daniel Wu's too handsome appearance has triggered questions from the media, because most people have the impression that the agents are usually far from being a handsome man, too prominent appearance will lead people to doubt the authenticity . Daniel Wu explained the fact that this extra-ordinary profession actually needs various people , from 15-year old old to a six year-old little girl or even a more than 80 year old man can engage in such profession. Moreover, the task will depend mostly on how one carries out the mission, amd therefore being "too handsome" is not the question.

Louis Koo appeared with Beard/whiskers
Louis Koo

At the press conference, Louis Koo appeared with his face full of whiskers(beard), looking like a rich murderer. He disclosed to the reporters that he plays a father of 4 kids and he thinks his role would require such look. But he also disclosed that he doesn't know whether the director would approve of this look.

Louis Koo originally wants to rest for a period of time, but after he read the script of "Wiretap" , he thought that this role is a very big one, only then that he changes his plan,into playing the part. He indicated that himself, Daniel Wu and Brother Sean Lau's characters will be the key to this movie.

"Wiretap" is produced by the silver Organization Ltd, the Beijing-day entertainment media Co., Ltd., co-produced by the Xi'an Qujiang Television Investment Co., Ltd., Bao Li Bona films for the distribution.The film is expected to be released in Summer of 2009.

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