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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Faye Wong to divorce?

Faye Wong to divorce?
Asia One

BEIJING - Rumours abound in the Chinese media that Faye Wong has separated from her husband of three years, Li Ya Peng.

Industry insiders leaked to that the couple are secretly negotiating a divorce.

Reporters were frantically trying to reach her friends and agent to confirm the rumours, but they refused to comment.

When reached by the press, Na Ying's sister, who is Wong's good friend, neither confirmed nor denied the rumours.

"I can't comment on Faye Wong's marriage, I'm really sorry. I really don't know what is going on; if it's my sister, perhaps I can tell you something," she demurred.

Rumours that their marriage was on the rocks had been floating around since September. Her husband, Li Ya Peng was even photographed hand in hand with a third party - actress Miao Pu.

At the time, they refuted the rumours and presented a united front to the media. Wong even picked Li up from the airport when he flew back for his birthday.

When interviewed in October, Li said "I think our marriage will last, I will try my best to be a good husband and good father. Please give me some space."

But more recently, Faye Wong was photographed by the paparazzi window shopping and singing karaoke alone.

There is much speculation surrounding the rumoured breakup, with some saying that it was due to her miscarriage, others that Li has been seeing someone else.

Her agent also refused to comment, saying "please don't ask me anymore questions about Faye Wong, I don't wish to respond."

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