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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lollipop Addicted to "Short Movies"

[2008-11-26] Last week Lollipop came to Singapore to promote their “Hei Tang Qun Xia Zhuan” OST and also performed together with Energy at Music Monster Festival.

Their debut show “Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang” already changed to 2nd batch of didis, the 6 of them are upgraded to hosts.

There’s a rumor that Lollipop will be filming a movie but they didn’t reply about it, instead they said they are currently filming some short video clips. Their first production will be named as “Kung Fu”, with A Wei writing the script, acting lots of characters along with Ao Quan and Wei Lian.

A Wei took out a digital camera and said “This is what I use to film.” Although it’s not the professional video camera being used but they are very serious about it and was trying to persuade the producer of “Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang” to broadcast it during the show.

A Wei was excited about it and showed a bit of it to the reporter, in the video Wei Lian dressed up as a girl with a mushroom head wig and dress standing aside, suddenly Ao Quan kicked Wei Lian’s breast. As for the rest of it we’ll see it if it really gets broadcast.

How to be qualified as a Mo Fan "Didi"?
The 6 of them points out a good point about themselves hoping the new didis will follow.

Xiao Yu: Able to be serious
Wang Zi: Well manners and modesty
Xiao Jie: Where you fell is where you stand up
Wei Lian: Have your own style
A Wei: Open up yourself when performing
Ao Quan: Equal handsome as him

Translated by Choco-late

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