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Monday, November 24, 2008

Wu Zun, Joe Cheng, Rainie Yang & Mike He attend Andy Lau's concert

source: chinatimes
translated by: x-WISHFULthinking @

Andy Lau held his concert in Taipei the day before yesterday, and he asked fans: “Can an idol get married?” making everyone think that he is finally going to get married. However, during an interview after the concert, he expressed, “This was just a stage effect, so everyone don’t focus too much on this.” He also added, “I’ve never come too close towards the fate of marriage, but if I do, I will definitely tell my fans.”

Andy expressed that the reason he’s not married is not because he’s afraid of fans targeting his wife, it’s just that he feels he still isn’t at that age yet. While onstage, he continually declared that he is an “idol” and he smiled saying, ever since entering the industry, he has always been an idol, he’s never thought of being anything else, and naturally, being an idol will of course bring burdens.

Shows off some magic; plays a joke on Jolin

During the encore performance, Andy’s son Andox played a joke on Jolin, saying to everyone that he has arranged a date with Jolin in private, but cannot announce it publicly because he’s afraid Jay Chou will get angry. Andy said, “Because I knew that Jolin would come, hence suddenly thought of this fun spur of the moment joke.”

During the concert, Andy also showed off some magic, showing that he has the same interests as Jay. He revealed that he is in talk with Jay about a film to do with magic, and he is currently waiting for Jay to read the script.

Yesterday, during Andy’s second concert, it evidently attracted many people. Artists Wu Zun, Joe Cheng, Rainie Yang, Huang Jing Lun, Mike He all attended.

Chun wears a T-shirt signed by Andy

Chun wore a “China Jia You!” T-shirt that is signed by Andy to the concert. He said, “My fans are also Andy’s fans, specially gave me this T-shirt. However I accidentally threw it in the washing machine, and now you can barely see the signature.” As for Joe Cheng, he specially went to sing karoake yesterday, and picked many of Andy’s classic love songs to practise, so that he could get high with Andy at the concert.

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