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Monday, November 24, 2008

Annie Yi purposely held hands in public as she didn't want to break up with Huang Wei De

Annie Yi purposely held hands in public as she didn't want to break up with Huang Wei De
Date: Monday, 24 November 2008
Source: Chinanews
Translated by: Initial E @

There are rumours that Huang Wei De (黄维德) had tried to break up with Annie Yi Neng Jing (伊能静), hence she purposely held his hand in public, as she was unwilling to let go of this relationship. However there was no confirmation for this news, and in polls asking whether hers and Harlem Yu Chen Qing's (庾澄庆) marriage can still continue, 80% of those polled felt that there was no use staying married.

According to an online website, Annie Yi wrote two years ago: "My hands have been warmly held by you before, how can I get rid of the air that is full of longing..." showing that she did hold someone's hands other than Harlem Yu.

The pictures and reports of Annie Yi and Huang Wei De holding hands in the streets of Beijing have shocked and surprised many. There are rumours that Huang Wei De had asked for a breakup shortly before that, but Annie Yi was unwilling and hence purposely held his hand and let them be snapped; the rumours about the two of them have been going on for more than 2 years, after acting in a show together, the two have stayed 'friends' and constantly interacted with each other. They only recently got caught holding hands in public - were they not careful enough? So far no one has said anything, and the outside world can only keep guessing.

Added on to the fact that Huang Wei De keeps insisting that it was Annie Yi who suddenly grabbed hold of his hand, many people are filled with queries and let their imagination run. Annie Yi has a husband and a child, Huang Wei De already has another girlfriend. Did Annie Yi purposely hold his hand so that Huang Wei De had to admit to their relationship? Both are remaining silent.

Annie Yi expressed that she cannot bear to leave her darling son, and she wants to see a rainbow of happiness. Netizens simply cannot watch on, and about 13239 of those polled wants to hear those involved explain everything - they feel that Huang Wei De should explain why he was holding her hand. 0.8% more of them wanted Annie Yi to come out and explain - can her marriage with Harlem Yu be resurrected? 37972 of them felt that this marriage doesn't exist anymore.

After the pictures came out, Annie Yi has been working in China, and has remained silent about the outside world's discussions.

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