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Thursday, November 27, 2008

S.H.E - Sisters Forever

7 years is no short period, as many would perhaps term it as a critical point of any relationship – be it lovers, married couples – 7 years seemed to be a test of any relationship together, what more could be said for partners? This year is Taiwan popular female group – S.H.E’s partnership for the 7th year. They have seriously thought about it, “Can we continue as S.H.E?” This reflection is not due to their sister-relationship going through the mill, but rather a “growing-up question”. Their next big step in life would probably be to get married, give birth to kids, and could they continue to be so bubbly and always jumping about excitedly?

Regardless if S.H.E’s brand name would stand forever, or would it stop eventually, the sisters have vowed, “As long as S.H.E remains for a day, we will spread happiness to everybody.”

In the 7 years, the trio started off not knowing each other, and was arranged by the record company to stay together in a girls’ hostel. They have conquered the stage of “easier to be acquaintance than live-in roomies”. Now, they have each owned their properties and even though they no longer stay together, S.H.E’s relationship is still very good. In their free time, they would arrange to dine and meet up with friends too. Selina said, “Our relationship is already like good sisters. Even if we do not record albums together in future, and we lead our own lives, our relationship would remain as ‘family’. The gatherings will definitely continue.”

To Continue Singing for the Audience

Ella said, “The album market is getting worse, we were worried there wouldn’t be anyone to turn up during the debut album sales activity! But during that day when we saw the long queue, we were overjoyed to learn there are still so many youngsters out there supportive of buying original albums. Actually even we would not know if S.H.E could continue singing on, so we tend to adopt a ‘let natural take its course’ attitude to all these. It is our common interest to release an album together; we will treasure each opportunity to do our best. As long as there are audiences, we are willing to sing.”

In view of the economic tsunami, album market’s downturn, and natural calamities, there has been less laughter and joy around, and everyone tend to sigh and lament when they watched the arrows on charts going downhill. Hence S.H.E, who usually gave others the impression of happiness, decided to transform into “Happy Ambassadors”. They wish emit joyous news and happiness to everyone. Hebe said, “Each time we visit a place for our concert, we would be very happy to see our fans cheering passionately. Everyone has brought so much happiness to us. Similarly, we also wish to be closer to our fans and to bring them happiness.”

Being Each Other’s Psychologist

Being together for 7 years, we probe who is the “Best Listener” amongst them? The trio looked at each other. Then Selina spoke up, “We are each other’s ‘Psychologist’. Some time back, I discovered the usually extrovert Ella keeping silent before others, and we know something is amiss. Thus, we arranged to meet up and confide with each other. Whenever I am unhappy, I would also arrange for the 2 of them to come to my place for a meal. Everyone has tacit chemistry, this is like a secret between sisters. No outsiders, beyond the 3 of us, would know. In short, we really wish each other would find bliss.”

No Room for Disputes & Jealousy

In their sisterly relationship, S.H.E has no room for “jealousy” and “disputes”. They would always discuss things through and not put it to heart. Like how Ella puts it, “We trust our record company’s arrangement. Such as during the time Hebe was filming; I went surfing when there is no assignment; and Selina would host programmes. It could be either of us going overseas on learning journey, or even the 3 of us taking a holiday together to fully rejuvenate. But in principle, the company won’t allow all 3 of us to go on holiday together. It has to be 1 or 2 being busy, while the other can take a break.”

Pursue Bliss Together

The trio’s relationship is very close and we probe just what would be the most touching moment? Ella said, “During our album promotion activity, Selina dedicatedly wrote a letter for the 2 of us. She wrote what we would say among ourselves in our daily lives. We can feel her glowing in her recent bliss (Selina is currently in love), and her wish for us to also find our bliss soon.” Listening by the side, Selina’s eyes got a little teary, “Yes, I spent some time writing the sentimental words to them. Initially I rehearsed a few times at home so that I could read it out before everyone, but just after a few lines I could not bear it anymore. In the end, that day, we cried till our eyes were swollen but in our hearts, we are very happy because my sisters would feel my feelings.”

The good chemistry between friends need not be all laid on the table. Just like during the interview today, even we were only left with half an hour for the photo shoot, the trio was in synch with each other. While one was being interviewed, the other would go pose for photos, and another would be autographing. And when the trio sat down together, they could follow-up on each others’ words to continue the interview. Such chemistry, is really something that needs time and getting close together to foster.


Selina’s Favourite – Already Silent
After over a year, S.H.E released their latest album – Miss Universe. This album marks the transformation stage of their image into “matured ladies”. Many of the songs in this album depicts their inner thoughts which they wish to share with the fans who have grown up with them over the years. Hence, the trio each picked a favourite song from their album to share their thoughts with everyone.

This song is a collaboration between Selina and Jay Chou. She explained, “When Jay handed this song to me for me to pen the lyrics, I thought through the song over and over again. I find that it is best suited for a love song and hence, pen my own relationship experience into it. These are my real experience and I hope fans can sense my feelings, and treat it as experiencing love.”

The reporter recalled that Ella said Selina has the most luck with guys among the trio. To this, Selina turned to look and smile at Ella, who was seated beside her, “Are you sure that’s me?” Ella nodded and added, “Aren’t you? Usually male fans would come on stage to confess their love for you, guys view you as a Goddess.” Selina continued, “Perhaps, my appearance is more feminine, but I am very dedicated when it comes to love.”

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Hebe’s Favourite – Girls Ought To Be Strong
This song has many layers in emotions. It gave girls a motivation. Guys long had a song “Men Ought To Be Strong’ written. Now it is the time for girls to have a song dedicated to them for strength and to represent that girls of modern times need not be demure and weak, waiting for guys to protect them.

Despite her seemingly gentle appearance, Hebe self-professed to be no weakling. Compared to Selina and Ella, her workload seemed to be lesser and we asked if she ever felt jealous. Hebe clarified, “No. Actually I’ve been receiving a lot of acting scripts since filming the last serial but there is nothing that takes my fancy. I agree with the company’s arrangement not to just take up any lousy roles. So I took the time to learn recharge and prepare for our concert. It is so hectic! Other than singing, our performances are diverse to date. I would definitely be glad to support when my 2 sisters have good working assignments. In our collaborative dictionary, there is no room for ‘jealousy’.”


Ella's favourite – Planet 612
Ella described this song as her favourite comic – The Little Prince, as theme. The Little Prince seeks high and low for his true love to return to his planet with him. Ella shared, “I actually love red roses. Furthermore, the lyrics matched my feelings very much, it is as though singing my sentiments.” It may come as a surprise to many that despite her outer appearance seemed less feminine, Ella actually loves red roses. She added, “Since young till now, I have always feel that red roses symbolises love. Especially the budding ones waiting to blossom are the most romantic. Although there were guys who gave me roses in the past, I gathered they just happened to be lucky to have ‘guessed correctly’. In fact, they might not really know my real liking.” We asked further if she wish that her proposing “Prince” would bring her a stalk of red rose. Ella laughed, “It would be best If he understands my heart, but if he could give me a surprise or do something touching, I would be contented and happy.”


Pet Dogs – Relationship that will Never Change

3 distinct personalities, backgrounds and with different preferences, yet when the trio are placed together, they were totally in synch. To commemorate their deep friendship, the trio reared pet dogs, which are siblings bonded by blood ties. Selina started off rearing a mini toy poodle – Pinky, which later got pregnant. She wished for Pinky to give birth to 3 puppies so that each of the member could keep one to symbolize the continuation of their friendship down the line. Miraculously, Pinky indeed gave birth to 3 puppies much to S.H.E’s delight. Thus, each of them took one home to rear. Indeed, this is like a representation of their relationship passing on down the line and never changing.

Pinky Gave Birth to 3 Puppies

As mini toy poodles are called “Gui Bin Gou” in Taiwan, Ella named her pet pup as “Ah Gui”, Selina’s is named “Xiao Bin” and Hebe’s “Gou Gou”. Today, Selina brought the Doggy Mommy – Pinky to the interview to show us the “old ancestor”. Recently, Pinkly has rose among the rank of the family tree into a grandmother, as “Ah Gui” and Taiwan’s famous male model’s pet toy poodle – Peony successfully mated. Peony gave birth to 3 puppies and Ella happily brought “Tie Dan”, who just stopped taking his mother’s milk, back home. Now the dogs of 3 generations would even gather together.

Ella’s beloved “Ah Gui” Nearly Blind

However, Ella’s recent heartbreak was that when she brought Ah Gui to surfing and let him run along the beach, she had not anticipated that his eyes would be hurt by the infra-rays. As a result, Ah Gui nearly turned blind and could no longer look at bright lights. Thus, Ella could not bring Ah Gui on the streets to play nor during her work assignments. This was what caused her to be most sad about. Although Ella love her pet dogs, it appeared that her beloved pets are not destined for a good life. Her pug in the past – Qiang Qiang, passed away due to allergy to anesthesia while Ah Gui’s eyes were hurt. We pray that Tie Dan would be able to break away from this curse!


A Date to Shi Da Night Market for Large Chops

Wonder if anyone would guess when S.H.E will bring us to eat in Taiwan? The answer is ----- Night Market. Don’t boo yet! Perhaps, everyone would be familiar with Taiwan night market’s grilled sausage, fried oysters, salted baked chicken, but where exactly can one find large chops at which is cheap and good? SHE introduced a signature delicacy ----- Shi Da Night Market’s “Demonic Chops”. They said, “This is a renowned place even Secondary school kids would frequent.”

Ella is full of praise for the beef and pork chops’ freshness. “A large thick slice. But do avoid going during the holidays, as there would be long queues. On normal days, it would be packed but luckily for the quick turnover, everyone could enjoy their food and leave contentedly, so that others could also savour the good food.” The trio described the attraction of “Demonic Chops” is its affordability, freshness and large serving and it is served piping hot on an iron hotplate. Even the schooling little couples would visit this place too on their dates.


Reporter's Footnote

After interviewing S.H.E each time, friends would keep asking me, “Who, among the trio, is the most friendly? Who is the trickiest to hand? And who has the most attitude?” Each time, I would reply without fail, “I feel that Ella is the soul of the group.” I am not saying Selina or Hebe is troublesome, but Ella’s personality is the most straightforward and at ease to be with. During photo shoot, Ella would warm up the quickest and even lead the other two members into the “mood”. After that, Selina would work up her feminine “charms”, and Hebe would gradually be motivated to join in. It appeared to be like a car, with Ella being the engine to pull everyone to work together, thus, they become a perfect match.

translated by : syyang of Baidu Ella Forum and (S.H.E)Ella's AF thread
credits : Ming Pao , Baidu Ella Forum and S.H.E (Ella) AF thread

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