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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Agnes Monica Through The Looking Glass

She seems to live in her own world. Yet by this, she can reach achievements that could hardly be compared with any celebrities. Agnes talks around the new album, the go-international plan and her obsession of achievements with Oriana Titisari.

Similar with one of her lyrics, you cannot think with logic when talking about an image of Agnes Monica. Had she followed the standard life of Indonesian society, at her 22 years of age, Agnes should had been busy attending the lecture, relying on her parents for pocket money and spending time by playing or hanging out with friends. In reality, she’s currently busy practicing choreography with her dancers, just after releasing her third album ‘Sacredly Agnezious’, being anti-drugs ambassador for Asia-Pacific region, establishing a foundation for youth and occupied with various performance outside the country. It’s not logic, it’s just Agnes!

In point of fact, nobody would have ever suspected that the cute little girl, who we used to know with the song ‘Si Meong’ and ‘Bala-Bala’, could now be one brand with strong positioning. When she grew up, she knew exactly what she wanted. She no more sung minor pop songs as her childhood used to sing, but she began to expand her music treasury by listening to Latin, Soul, R&B and Rap. She also formed a management team, dancer team and even a band dedicated especially for her. To reach excellence, she’s been training very hard for years, singing and dancing, till finally there established one best performer in Indonesia at present: Agnes Monica!

I think this is not an over compliment, considering her achievements in music world. Dozens of awards has fall into her hands as a singer and an actress. And these have made the brand of Agnes looks so much mature. Take a look at one of sinetrons she plays. She must be the leading actress, the theme song must be one of the singles taken from her album, and even when the commercial breaks begin, you’ll be back to see the face of this beautiful girl in many advertisements. One complete package!

Her latest album is also her sole achievement, for this time she had to work extra hard. “This album is very special since I took role not just as a singer, but also as the producer, the musical concept, the album concept, marketing and composing some songs. Indeed it was really exhausting, but when I saw the result, it worth all the hard work I’ve done.”

Remarking her success, she comments, “In my career, all goes by itself. And so far I thankful for all I’ve got.” However, Agnes personally admits she has to work really hard to get all. Her successful is not just something given by her parent on a silver tray. “I feel that I have a moral load and responsibility to make use every chance that I get the best I can. I’ve got to be fair. Many people don’t have the same opportunity like me.”

Having enchanted Indonesia with her charm, now Agnes has another goal on her list: go-international! This issue is no longer public secret anymore. She has announced her plan to leave for America to make an album in the future. Yet before that happens, she’s currently focusing on her concerts in Korea (note: this interview was before Asia Song Festival) and Japan (Supershow on this December), where she’s representing Indonesia.

Singing coach, vocal coach, school, courses, album preparation, sinetron-making, and abundance of shows she should do…doesn’t she work too hard at such young age? “I never feel that I lost my youth life. In fact I’m asking what essentially the definition of youth life is like. Do all youngsters have to spend their time for just having fun? This is just wrong!” she utters enthusiastically. She goes on, “My principle is: while we’re still young, it is the best time to keep learning. Youth only comes once. I determine to make the best the use of it.” Indeed she has!

Agnes is indeed very concerned towards the issue of Indonesian youngsters. She has an extraordinary principle in going through her youth life. She opines, “If I can, then everybody can!” Yeah, yeah, maybe once again there pops up pessimistic feeling inside your head, that not everybody has talent and luck like Agnes has. However, when talking with Agnes, there’s something makes it sounds so convincing…as if we all can change the world!

“Frankly speaking, I’m very obsessed with the effort to change the wrong paradigm in our society that: it’s okay to be mediocre alias ordinary. If you could do ‘great’ why settle with being ‘good’?” Perhaps this motivates Agnes to establish a foundation for youths where she’ll be actively getting involved as the founder and activist.

“We all live in a very pessimistic world. There are so many people around will tell you that you cannot do this and that. For that, we’ve got to have strong mentality and believe that we can do everything. Your future doesn’t depend on what other people say!”

This spirit has become the basic motivation for the institution that she still keeps a secret. Go youth!

I always imagined the figure of Agnes from things that I saw on the glass screen; she’s ardent, fully energetic, smart and very confident! But when I met with the lady who’s hobby is learning, I was quiet surprised. As usual she looked a bit quirky. She entered the room escorted by her entourages and greeted everyone with careful smile. She’s so quiet, I thought.

What’s the biggest misconception from public about Agnes? “Unlike what most people think of, I’m very close and introvert. But when I feel comfy with someone or certain situation, I can be very ‘crazy’,” she says. “Also many people perceive me as a stern and arrogant person. I admit that sometimes I’m stubborn and very serious when it comes to work. This is something I’ve gotta do to stand out and reach the goal. Maybe this is often seen as arrogance. But I don’t feel anything wrong about this.”

What’s another misconception that’s often gossiped by public? Agnes answers,” Sometimes the boyfriend issue also raises wrong perception. Every time I work or befriended with someone, it turned to a misperception. I refuse to comment because I don’t feel it necessary to clarify my private life to anybody.”

For boyfriend matter, Agnes carefully explains. But when asked about the ideal partner, she has her own explanation. “We are all the broken people. And the spouse is someone who can make us the whole or complete. But to find this person, we have to understand ourselves first and what we need in life,” she states. “In a matter of partner, all that I need is someone who’s compatible with me in every aspect of life; material, emotionally, and etc. Someone who can lift me up in a higher place!”

My mouth feels like jaw-dropping to hear that kind of answer from the girl who’s still 22 years old. Then she still adds, “If we can live happily alone, we suppose to live even happier when we have a spouse, don’t we? So if you and your partner keep fighting, sad and unhappy, then what coupling are you for?” Simple yet so deep the meaning!

Three things you don’t know about Agnes:

My guilty pleasure is cracking my knuckle bone and other part of body. I just can’t help it!

I’m a very clean person. Everything has to be freakishly hygiene.

I’m very organized. Everything should be arranged neatly and orderly put on place.

source: asianbite
credit: Indonesian Heartthrob

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