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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nicholas Got too involved with the role he played

Nicholas Got too involved with the role he played

Nicholas Tse and Nick Cheung attended a press conference and the movie premier of "Witness" in Beijing yesterday. In the press conference, they held a " $50,000,000 Ice breaking" ceremony to denote the box office ticket sales. Nicholas told reporters that he has been waiting to play that role for a long time. He acted as a police officer in the film and there are lots of fighting scene. But he also plays quite a bit of civilian role in the film as well. Nicholas didn't realized the role he played had annoyed his wife Cecilia. This is because at the start of the film, he had killed a child by accident. He has been feeling guilty all the time, even when he gets home, he still couldn't get rid of that guilt. Cecilia keeps asking him what's wrong. Nicholas has been keeping that emotion to himself for a while. He decided to do something about it because he didn't want his wife and son suffer. Therefore when he gets home from filming, he goes straight to the bathroom for half an hour until he has calmed down before he comes out to face his wife and Lucas.

Source:Mingpao/Sohu Entertainment Community (image)

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