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Monday, November 17, 2008

Jessie Chiang scared that she would be kicked off the piano by Jay Chou; Revealed her qualities for a boyfriend

Translated by Initial E @
Yesterday, 'J girl' Jiang Yu Chen went to a kindergarden to be a teacher for a day, today Teacher Jiang will be a music teacher. However, she didn't practice well enough, and whenever she played the piano, she would always make mistakes. Jiang Yu Chen expressed that when she was young, she did learn piano before, but it's been so long since she last practiced. For today's lesson, she specially went to practice again. Her rumoured boyfriend Jay Chou's piano skills are very good, did she ask him to teach her? She revealed that Jay has no patience with her, if he ever taught her he would immediately give up. Because his skills are too good, she thinks that she should learn a bit herself first before she asks him to teach her, because he would definitely lose his patience and kick her off the piano.

When she was young, her mother would often force her to practice piano because she hoped that when she grew up, she would have more elegance. However, her good friend Jay Chou would laugh at her saying that once she spoke, all her elegance would disappear, letting Jiang Yu Chen feel unjustified. She told him: "I can be very elegant, OK?"

Jiang Yu Chen loves watching child videos and cartoons. Today, she is twenty years old, but she hasn't left her childhood behind, hence it is very easy for her to mix with the children. At the kindergarden, all the children loved her very much, all wanting to kiss her. In her music video, the small children in it also loved her very much. She expressed that she is a 'King of Children', and her method of getting close to them is using a doll voice. However, though she loves children herself, she isn't planning to have one soon. She said that she would wait till she was at least 30 to consider having kids.

What qualities does she want in a boyfriend? She generously said: "He must be responsible, have a clean image, he must definitely be older than me - I can accept him even if he is 10 years older than me, and I don't rule out people in the entertainment circle." She said that Andy Xu is the type she prefers. About Jay, she described him as being 'clean and filial, a very good person, and this will add points'.

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