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Sunday, November 16, 2008

First concert held in Taipei after being the industry for 11 years; Guang Liang excitedly shows off figure

Source: QQ
Translation by minivicki @
2008 November 15 in Taipei, Michael Wong Guang Liang's Taipei concert "First Time" comprising of songs from all music album kicked off at Taipei Arena (Xiao Ju Dan). It is his first holding a concert in Taipei after being in the industry for 11 years and many friends from the entertainment circle sent their congratulations. Huang Yi Da, Zeng Bao Yi, Huang Zi Jiao,Jiang Mei Qi, Chen Shan Ni and Makiyo etc all showed up to view the concert. Good friend Rene Liu who is holding her own concert on the 29th November also specially took time to turn up and go on stage to present flowers to him.

Guang Liang who has a fear of heights took up the challenge by kicking off the concert with the song "Angel" and appeared in an angel-like style by hanging in mid-air. After that came all the exciting pair-ups, there was even a sweet and romantic duet with guest Fish Leong that dazzled all the fans downstage, causing them to feel drunk and dizzy.

At the celebration part, when Guang Liang showed up, he happily obliged to the media's request of "Stripping" and immediately removed his top to show off his muscles. Guang Liang also specially thanked his music company, media and friends that accompanied him throughout this journey. He didn't forget to thank his parents who are the ones that support him most.

The big success made Guang Liang very touched and finally holding a concert after 11 years caused Guang Liang to be moved to tears on stage.

At the concert, many friends showed up in support and Guang Liang specially thanked the friends and guests at the celebration party too, including the two guest Jonathan Lee Tsung Sheng, Fish Leong Jing Ru and Rene Liu who showed up to present flowers. The big focus was placed on Victor Wong Ping Guan who also turned up to hear his concert. After hearing that Ping Guan showed up, when singing the song "掌心 [Palm]", Guang Liang made a sudden request for Ping Guan to come on stage to sing with him. This scene touched many people and it was a move that officially told everyone that there's no sort of disagreement between Guang Liang and Ping Guan.

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