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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sausage in bread! “Love or Bread” explosive premiere at the Shilin Night Market

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CTV and GTV’s idol drama "Love or Bread" airs this Sunday, and specially organized on Saturday night (the 15th) lively activities at the Shilin Night Market. The main actors Lin Yi Chen, Zheng Yuan Chang, Zhang Rui Jia, Zhang Jia Hui, Ma Guo Bi called upon the various store owners, hoping to gain everyone’s support, so that Love or Bread ratings will fly to the sky! Originally, the Shilin Night Market is a hub of activity and noise, but with the visiting stars the noise, activity and crowd intensified. With cameras flashing non-stop, the entire scene turned into an Avenue of Stars!

Originally the premiere was expected to be held at 6:00, but around 4:00 fans were already jam-packed on the scene. Fans who had travelled far from Japan and Korea held high banners and posters with the hope that Yi Chen and Xiao Zhong will feel their sincerity! Lin Yi Chen said: [This character is the one that’s most like me, and it is my first time out of the role of the student!] Xiao Zhong feels: [Every day at the filming location there are many new sparks, hitting out different ways of performing.] Looks like following after Yi Chen, Xiao Zhong’s acting skills can also be looking to knock on the Golden Bell’s door.

At the premiere a big tacit understanding test was also played, having the actors divide into pairs, using their cheeks to catch a piece of toast dropped from above. Yi Chen and Xiao Zhong’s tacit understanding is the most excellent, catching all five pieces of toast. In contrast, the other pair of Zhang Jia Hui and Zhang Rui Jia only caught three pieces. Yi Chen said with a laugh: [How about everyone goes to KTV singing gatherings together more, tacit understanding will naturally be good!] But the cunning Ma Guo Bi still purposely planned to have Xiao Zhong accidentally kiss Lin Yi Chen’s cheek, causing fans to scream for a while!

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