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Monday, December 1, 2008

Ariel Lin devouring bread; Joe Cheng used his mouth to help

Ariel Lin devouring bread; Joe Cheng used his mouth to help

CTV and GTV’s [Love or Bread] has started with their cross-country signing session. The first stop of yesterday was Taipei, it has gathered thousand of fans showing up to support them, and among the fans about 10 were coming from Korean, Japan and Hong Kong. Zheng Yuan Chang has rushed over by taking the flight from Mainland Shenzhen and the last to appear on the stage with Lin Yi Chen, Bryant Chang, Zhang Jia Hui and Wang Wen Xing.

Their previous episode has included the scene where the main 2 leads were playing the opposite part. Their disguise as the south brothers and asking to repay debts has stirred up a heated discussion among the netizen. When asked whether they are worried about ruining the image of the people from the South, both of them are not worried about it, Lin Yi Chen explains that it’s just acting. Then Zheng Yuan Chang also included that he is from the Taichung as well and the both of them said: [We love the south brothers!]

Yesterday during the event, Zheng Yuan Chang, Bryant Chang and Wang Wen Xing has to hang a bagel on their chest while Lin Yi Cheng, Zhang Jia Hui and a fan are in a competition where they have to use their mouth to finish eating the bagel. Lin Yi Chen put away her Golden Bell Winning Actress image and started to take big bites in front of the fans, at one time she almost choked too. Then Zheng Yuan Chang immediately asked Lin Yi Chen to transfer the half eaten bagel to him. The angle where they were having mouth to mouth pose makes the fans screaming non-stop.

In the series Lin Yi Chen played as someone who has to support her boyfriend financially, she said that in real life this will not happen to her at all, [Should be supporting each other] Lately she has quietly moved into her new house, planning to have a [Welcome party] but Lin Yi Chen is afraid that her friends will find it [boring], her manager smiles and explains: [Because nowadays her food are very plain and original, it’s the best if the dishes doesn’t involve with oil or smoke, of course she has to ask permission from mother and brother first.] While Lin Mama who wants to fulfill her daughter’s dream in aiming for a healthy life, has especially bought a small refrigerator for the new house, the reason for this will be no extra room for junk food.

Source : UDN


Popular artists Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng’s [Love or Bread] signing session was crowded with fans

Lin Yi Chen and Zheng Yuan Chang’s series [Love or Bread], even though it has the Golden Bell Winning Actress Lin Yi Chen as the cast but its rating still lose to Rainie Yang’s [Miss No Good] that happens to air in the same time slot. The production team has immediately held signing session across all the cities in Taiwan to boost up the rating. The first stop was Taipei’s Station, and due to Lin Yi Chen and Zheng Yuan Chang, these 2 main cast, today Taipei’s Station was crowded with fans, seeing all the fans coming over to wait for them during such a cold weather, everyone is very confidence with the future ratings.

In the series Lin Yi Chen has to work extra hard for her boyfriend, in real life she said she is not that kind of person who will give financial support to her boyfriend. She is not against about managing and sharing financial investment together but if you want her to support her boyfriend financially then she won’t be able to accept it. While the another half, Xiao Zhong, Zheng Yuan Chang played as a ruffian who loves to dream, Xiao Zhong said before he becomes famous, he actually does love to dream a lot.

Lately Zheng Yuan Chang and Sylvia Chang are working on a stage play. They had just their premiere the day before yesterday. Xiao Zhong who just came back from Mainland, couldn’t wait to share the joy with his best friend Lin Yi Cheng, making Lin Yi Chen couldn’t wait to venture into stage play as well. Yi Chen expressed that she will go and support Xiao Zhong when he performs in Taipei next April.

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