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Monday, December 1, 2008

Leaving his Fahrenheit Group Mates, Wu Chun and his Father Stayed Behind in Guangzhou to Shop

Leaving his Fahrenheit Group Mates
Wu Chun and his Father Stayed Behind in Guangzhou to Shop

This week, Fahrenheit came to Guangzhou for four days to shoot a commercial and to hold a concert sponsored by Meng Niu. For the upcoming new album, Wu Chun had cut a new hairstyle. In the new style, both the sides and the back were being trimmed very short but there was little difference in the front. The new hairstyle made him looked even younger.

"I am very willing to accept different hair styles. This hairstyle looked clean and cool. I hope everyone will like it."

On Thursday, Fahrenheit flew to Hong Kong to take a connecting flight to Taiwan. However, only Jiro Wang, Arron Yan and Calvin Chan were seen. This reporter knew that Wu Chun was separated from his group mates at the last minute because he was staying behind in Guangzhou with his father to shop.

Wu Chun said: "My father came to Guangzhou to watch our show. Originally my plan was to leave with everyone on Thursday morning but since my father was here and I am in no rush to return to Taiwan, so I changed it to taking a night flight back to Taiwan, so that I can shop with him for the materials needed for the renovation being done at home."

Wu Chun had been wanting to expand his bedroom. Back in October when he returned to Brunei for the premier of [Butterfly Lovers], the renovation had already started with the walls coming down. However, at that time, due to his schedule, Wu Chun was not able to choose the materials himself and had to rely on his family to do it for him.

"Mainly it is my brother-in-law who is helping me in the renovation. I drew the design and then gave it to him to take care of it. Although they knew what materials I have in mind but in the end, they still don’t know if it would be to my liking. My father often travels to China for business. He is very familiar with local places that deal with building materials. Coincidentally, I am in Guangzhou and can spare the time, so we went and shop together. One must be very careful when buying things in China. As good as the item may look, it must be practical as well, so choosing would take a fair bit of time."

Unfortunately, the enthusiastically anticipating Wu Chun was followed by fans as soon as he walked out the door all the way to the supermarket where he was planning to purchase the materials. Then he was discovered by the salespeople there. In the end, all the female salespersons chased after Wu Chun for pictures and autographs. Chun’s father could only smile but did not know how to rescue his son. It was an absolutely chaotic scene. In the end, he was not able to purchase anything at all and had to act as human background the whole day.

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC

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