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Monday, December 8, 2008

Fan Bing Bing new drama “The Last Night of Madam Chin” starts filming Waited 10 months for Zai Zai Zhou Yu Min

After experiencing a "crisis of copyright" and more than a year of preparation, the TV version of "The last Night of Madam Chin" started filming yesterday in Shanghai. This is also the second production from Fan Bingbing’s studio following "Rouge Snow". Zhou Yu Min, Wong Siu-kei, Fang Zhongxin, Anthony Wong will act as the important men in the lives of Fan Bingbing’s character Madam Chin. Fan Bingbing said, due to the schedule of “young boyfriend" Zhou Yu Min, she waited for 10 months.

Waited 10 months for Zhou Yumin

In the drama, during her youth, Madam Chin has three men appear in her life, acted by Zhou Yu Min, Wong Siu-kei, Fang Zhongxin. Fan Bingbing said that in order for Zhou Yu Min to act as her “young boyfriend”, they have to wait 10 long months. "From the beginning, we have already identified him and has strongly invited him to join. We waited from February until December. Finally he emptied out a timeslot/ schedule. It must be that he was moved by our sincerity."

It was reported that in the original story, the role played by Zhou Yumin ie. “Yue Ru” is a University student kept by Madam Chin, and only served as an adornment in the story. But this script specifically increased the character’s portion just for Zhou Yu Min. Anthony Wong who portrays Madam Chin’s ”last man” in the drama, due to commitment to film a movie with Johnnie To which causes his schedule to be not the same with Zhou Yu Min, and so they had no choice but to reduce his portion in the drama.

While still in Taiwan shooting Ruffian Hero, Zhou Yu Min, has also expressed great interest in the role of “Yue Ru”. He said that "This role is very challenging. If I can successfully interprete it, it will be a major breakthrough for my acting." Zhou Yu Min will formally join the group on the 19th Dec.

950,000 yuan per episode, the most expensive period drama

Fan Bing Bing selected the drama after reading more than 20 scirpts. The cost per episode is at 950,000 yuan, mainly in sets and costumes, and is the most expensive period drama to date. This includes luxurious stage and dance hall, and filming in Taiwan.

When asked if she is worried that it will be difficult to recover the production cost of 950,000 yuan per episode, Fan Bingbing and her partner/ agent (Mu Xiaoguang) said that the drama has receive very good reception from overseas. Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as Singapore and Malaysia have ordered in advance, so that even high production cost can be recovered.

*950,000 yuan = NTD4.64 million per episode


The filming of Jin Da Ban has officially started on the morning of Dec. 4, 2008
Credit Thanks to laiou @ for translation

Source : udn

Fan Bing Bing mentions it in her commercial appearance on the afternoon of the same day. She also says that the reason it has taken so long for the filming to start is that she has been waiting for Zai. She thinks Zai is the ideal choice for the male lead, so she has never thought of other actors. She has been waiting for Zai for 10 months, from Feb. until Dec..

She selected the script after reading more than 20 scripts. The production cost will be doubled of her first produced TV series. The current estimated cost is 950,000 RMB per episode. She is glad that most of the cast are willing to take part in the series, paid as friends. Due to the high rental cost of locations, the productions cost would run over if most of the cast were not paid as friends.


Fan Bing Bing’s version of “The Last Night of Madam Chin” starts filming,
Zhou Yu Min and Fang Zhongxin plus other artistes stars
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The TV series “The Last Night of Madam Chin” which Fan Bing Bing is both starring and investing in, quietly started the day before yesterday in Shanghai. Fan Bing Bing acts as Madam Chin from 25-year-old to 50-year-old, for the first time to try portraying more than 20 years of age span. Zhou YuMin, Wong Siu-kei, Anthony Wong and Fang Zhongxin appears boyfriends in Madam Chin’s life.

Well-known Taiwan writer Pai Hsien-yung's masterpiece "The last night of Madam Chin" was previously adapted into a stage play starring Liu Xiaoqing, and features club hostess Madam Chin’s mid-life and old age period. Fan Bing Bing bought the copyrights, and after one year preparations for the year, finally started filming the day before. In the original story, the role played by Zhou Yumin ie. “Yue Ru” is a University student kept by Madam Chin. But after purchasing the copyrights, Fan Bing Bing modified the script. Zhou Yumin’s character is now a University student returning from abroad and is the son of a rich family. He and Jin Zhou Li (Madam Jin/ Chin) developed a pure and beautiful love relationship, which is a rare period of purity in the earlier years of Madam Chin. Whereas Anthony Wong becomes the last man in Madam Chin’s life.


“The Last Night of Madam Jin” has a “low key” start yesterday
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Fan Bing Bing hold different roles, from acting now transferring to behind-the-scene work. As a producer, launched her first TV drama “Rouge Snow” which is now being broadcasted in various popular channels across the nation. Her second investment in the TV series “The Last Night of Madam Chin” quietly started yesterday.

This TV drama is an adaptation from the novel of the same name by Taiwan writer Pai Hsien-yung and has been rewritten by well-known lady Taiwanese scriptwriter.Fan Bingbing plays the heroine Jin Zhou Li (Madam Jin/ Chin). The candidate for the role of leading man “Sheng Yue Ru” has been the focus of attention. Yesterday in Shanghai after the start of filming, Fan Bingbing officially announced that Zhou Yu Min will be starring as Sheng Yue Ru and very much look forward to her first time cooperation with Zaizai. Fan Bing Bing said that when she first got the script and read about this role, she feel that both in appearance and temperament, Zai Zai is definitely the only candidate for Sheng Yue Ru.

Previously, Pai Hsien-yung's masterpiece "The last night of Madam Chin" was adapted into a stage play called “The Last Night” and also a film version. Whereas the TV adaptation which was rewritten by Taiwanese scriptwriter, will have a longer timeline, telling Madam Jin’s story from youth to old age, enriching the plot of this classic story. This is the first time Fan Bing Bing portray a character covering a large age-span and she said “This will be a new challenge for me.”

"The Last Night of Madam Jin" will be filmed in Shanghai, Taipei and other places. And besides Zhou Yumin, have also invited the participation of other popular idols and actors from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and the Mainland.

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