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Friday, December 12, 2008

Fahrenheit crazily buying houses except Wu Chun

Fahrenheit crazily buying houses except Wu Chun
Source: Liberty Times
Translated by catalie @
Since Fahrenheit is endorsing Taiwan tourism, Calvin Chen has considered to prepare $US300,000 (approx. $NT9.99million) to buy a house for his parents in America; Arron will buy a grand residence worth $10million for his family including decoration costs; Dadong also wants to buy a house leaning towards the path of a landlord; Wu Chun has the finance but doesn't want to purchase a house but instead, travel everywhere overseas with his father.

Enjoying life, he wants to take his father travelling overseas

To Fahrenheit, this has been a profitable year. With their wallets very full, the four of them talked of the economic outlook and how much they would have in the new year. Wu Chun said unmarried people in Brunei aren't required to hand out red packets [refers to Chinese tradition of money wrapped in red as a gift esp. during new year]. On the contrary, they can receive red packets and with money, can buy a car, holiday or enjoy life. Currently, he still doesn't want to buy a house and although being single, he doesn't need to give out red packets, he is the boss of a gym so he still must give workers red packets as a reward for their hard work. This has been predicted to cost about $NT500,000.

Dadong gives red packet and doesn't compare himself to Show Luo

This year Dadong plans to wrap an enormous 7-digit sum red packet. When asked whether is will exceed Xiao Zhu's [Show Luo] $5million that he gave his mother, he mumbled, "All the money I earn, I give to my mother." Arron Yan, who doesn't like using credit cards, has a typical cash ideology. He says he is afraid that if he had a credit card, he would use it too much so this year he plans to wrap a 6-digit sum red packet.

Calvin Chen said, "Everyone thinks that we've earned a lot. Even the administrator of residence asked me this and I replied to him, if I really earned that much, would I still be living here?" In regards to his parents immigrating to California, he revealed that he is currently searching for a house online. He will also prepare $US200,000 for his parents to show filial respect and put some effort in for his family. In previous years, the red packets that Calvin has given his parents have always been a lucky sum such as $68,000 or $88,000 (Note: this is because the pronunciation of 8 in Chinese sounds like the word: to get rich).

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