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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Da S takes up post as ambassador of COTTON USA

source: GD chinatimes
translated by: Sarah @

2009 is designated by the United Nations as ‘International Year of Natural Fibres.’ To the whole world, this means a very meaningful year, and at the same time, this also marks a back-to-nature trend in the fashion industry. To celebrate the arrival of this year, on behalf of the global fashion industry, COTTON USA has announced at the end of this year, that artist Da S will become the ambassador for this. She will also work with everyone to create a newly themed 2009 calender – ‘Natural World’, to promote natural beauty and a new comfortable cotton fashion.

COTTON USA has done much to promote a comfortable lifestyle for consumers. In the new 2009 ‘Natural World’ calender, Da S will be wearing cotton clothing, and surrounded by the ocean, forests, sun and cotton field, she will tell a natural story: “For the future of the world, and for the future of the next generation, from today, treasure nature, back to nature” – this preface for the calender fully interprets the meaning behind ‘International Year of Natural Fibres’ – Actually, treasuring nature does not require a lot of effort or a lot of talk, everyone can start from themselves, wear more natural fabrics, don’t use too much chemical fibres – this will already be a big contribution to the sustainment and development of nature.

Da S, who films movies, series and does variety shows, also revealed that she herself is a loyal supportor of cotton and natural fibres. Although publicly admitting that she is a life-long pursuer of ‘beauty’, but towards ‘beauty’, Da S still has her own principles: Not only is natural fibres comfrotable to wear, it is also good for the environment, so why not do it? And this determination precisely coincides with COTTON USA’s concept of ‘back to nature’, and hence has led to this collaboration. US International Cotton Association, senior marketing manager, Gao Yun Jie expressed: “Da S has always maintained a natural beautiful image, and fits in very well with our requirements for the cotton ambassador. At the same time, everyone knows that she is an artist that treasures the environment and has a love for nature, and this again fits in very well with our ‘Natural World’ theme. We hope to draw support from her positive image, and let more people understand the significance of this subject.”

According to sources, to portray the perfect ‘Natural World’, Da S went full out for the calender: During filming beside the ocean, there was suddenly unexpected heavy rain, and the film crew intially intended to pause filming. However, Da S felt that rain would further display the strength of nature, and hence she insisted on continuing filming in the rain. She expressed: “This photoshoot has been done under completely natural environments, through sun, rain, ocean, soil and wind, it has told a very natural and wonderful story. I hope that through this calender, it will inspire more people to return to nature, and appreciate nature.”

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