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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Show Luo and S.H.E become super fans at Aaron Kwok's concert

source: sina
translated by: Sarah @

Earlier, Aaron Kwok held 2 concerts in Taipei and his performance onstage was absolutely exuberant. Many Taiwanese artists attended, among them was Show Luo, who is famous for his Aaron imitations. After the concert, Show especially went backstage to visit, and also shared a hug.

Aaron’s 2 concerts in the Taipei Arena have successfully come to an end. Besides the arrival of Jay Chou, which created a big stir, many other popular artists attended including Jolin Tsai, Rainie Yang, Blackie, Lin Zhi Ling, Janine Chang, Faith Yang, Mavis Fan and Wu Zun etc all became honoured guests. Good friend Idy Chan especially flew from Hong Kong to Taiwan to offer her support.

Aaron’s charm onstage was unstoppable, many popular artists became little fans, and would constantly stand up to yell and cheer for him. S.H.E’s Ella and Hebe completely disregarded their idol status, and during the handshake period, they rushed to the front with fans and when Aaron came, Ella excitedly grabbed his leg and wouldn’t leg go. She exclaimed: “Aaron really is super hot! His dancing almost made me faint!”

Other than this, Show Luo, who is famous for his Aaron imitations attended both concerts, and afterwards, he specially went backstage to visit his idol. He expressed: “When thinking of having the chance to take a photo together with my super-idol, I really feel quite shy.”When they met, they even exchanged hugs, and Show praised his concert to be very successful, and Aaron told Show to work hard and jia you!

Afterwards, Aaron invited everyone to go and eat spicy hot pot together, and he made a toast to all the workers and dancers. He revealed that he is about to head to Guang Zhou to rehearse.

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