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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mike He is concern about his wardrobe; doesn’t want to lose to Joe Cheng

Source: Appledaily
Translated by:
Mike He (Xiao Me), Zheng Yuan Chang (Xiao Zhong) and Chen Qiao En were filming a commercial for Mainland China’s Kang Shi Fu’s product yesterday; but in the set, rumor has it that because Xiao Mei thinks that Xiao Zhong’s wardrobe looked much better then his and has immediately [started to become difficult] by saying the wardrobe that the production team has prepared for him is not good enough and he has to get his own stylist to make another image for him. Delaying the progression of the work, the crews were grumbling because of it.

Yesterday Xiao Mei’s manager Wu Zi Yi immediately explains: [This rumor is too exaggerating, the size for the wardrobe is too big, the stylist for the production team said they only have one size so they were unable to change it for him, that’s why we have to go and look for a stylist that we know to help us out.]

Stating they are busy with work; still in good terms
About rumor has it that Xiao Mei and Xiao Zhong are not in good terms and didn’t interact in the set? Wu Zi Yi said they were playing around during the cover shoot of the advertisement and they are still in good terms. While Xiao Zhong’s manager An Li said: [Today everyone is busy with their work, there’s no time to fool around from the start.]

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