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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Promoting environmental protection with Jay Chou, Angela Zhang caringly offers Christmas cow doll

source: Hunan TV
translated by: Sarah @

Christmas is coming soon! Jay Chou, Angela Zhang and Wilber Pan take up the role as fashion consultants, and have sent their best wishes for Christmas, by raising awareness of environmental protection.

Jay Chou: No deer, no Christmas

First up is Jay Chou, and dressed in black and red plaid, he gives off a very English sense of Christmas. He also has a cross necklace around his neck, again giving off an appropriate embellishment. Jay says that without deer, then there is no Christmas, so if everyone wants to have a happy Christmas, then they need to protect, and don’t let deer become extinct. This way, nature can have a feeling of full vigor and vitality. Being a well-known artist, really should make the most of every opportunity, and always remember to convey the concept of environmental protection. Endorsing the new brand of this season; recycle (green) bag also happens to coincide with the central theme in Jay’s heart.

Wilber Pan: Let text messages and e-mails replace greeting cards

Also wearing a plaid outfit, Will chose a black and red plaid jacket to wear on the outside of a black-and-white striped sweater, giving off an even stronger English style. Wilber proposes that this Winter, everyone should use text messages and e-mail to replace the original paper-based greeting cards. This way, will increase environmental protection, and let this Christmas be more meaningful.

Angela Zhang: Safe Christmas Eve

Angela’s condolences are always especially caring, she only has a simple sentence to say and that is: ‘have a safe Christmas Eve’. Matched with Angela’s unique charm in her eyes, there will already be many people that fall in one’s knees under such a powerful eye charm.

Besides wishing that everyone will have a happy, safe Christmas, the 3 fashion consultants also specially brought along their limited Christmas cow doll, which the endorsement company had prepared. The funny design makes this little doll especially popular and liked among everyone. Plus, with the help from the 3 big-name fashion consultants, this doll will definitely become the most popular gift this Christmas!

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