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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Joe Nieh's lover apologizes to Vivian Chow

Source: Yahoo Singapore, Channel News Asia

Miffty Zhang, girl involved in scandal with Hong Kong writer Joe Nieh, sent out a press release through her lawyer in Hong Kong on Monday, expressing her deepest apologies to everyone affected.

The scandal was exposed on tabloids when they were caught in passionate kisses at a nightspot and created a drama for Nieh's relationship with girlfriend Vivian Chow. Both Chow and Nieh announced their break up on Dec 11; four days after the photos were published. On Dec 18, Nieh surprise the public by announcing that he has successfully proposed to Chow and is currently amidst their wedding preparations.

In Zhang's press release, she said:

"The incident at Lam Kwai Fong happened about a fortnight ago. I am just a 22-year-old student who is in Hong Kong to pursue my studies. I am not a public figure and I cannot handle the fictitious reports and criticisms on various media. I chose to return home, reflected on my behavior and sought my family's opinion on the matter.

It seems that the matter lost control. Media fabricated stories and various blogs passed off my identity, conjuring untrue reports and messages, affecting my family, friends and school. I am deeply regretful for my actions or behavior which has brought pressure and trouble. On accepting my family and friends' advices, I am now facing up with responsibilities and hereby, I would like to express my sincere apologies and clarify the misunderstandings the public have of me. This will be my one and only response regarding the matter."

However, a Hong Kong weekly magazine reported that Zhang has been bombarding Nieh with SMS and phone calls after knowing that he has chosen to marry Chow. She also threatened to end her life if he continues with the wedding. To avoid staging a tragedy, Nieh has persuaded Chow to postpone their wedding.

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