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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Premiere of his new song 'Heartbeat'; Wang Leehom reveals that he doesn't like clingy girls

Premiere of his new song 'Heartbeat'; Wang Leehom reveals that he doesn't like clingy girls
Source: Sohu
Translated by Initial E @
For Wang Leehom's (王力宏) new album 'Heartbeat' (心·跳), due to be released on the 26th, his company found a sexy nurse to measure Leehom's heartbeat. It measured with 82 to 90 beats in one minute, Leehom laughed saying that he purposely looked straight in front, and hence managed to control his heartbeat. There was a surprising rumour that he was going to leave the entertainment industry, but Leehom clarified and denied that: "My words were twisted and made a little too exaggerated, of course I didn't have that thought."

Leehom is extremely private, and only through music does he show a glimpse of his love life. His new song 'Heartbeat' described a real-life relationship. He honestly admitted that after a break up, he would feel like he had been thrown into a deep ocean - a really terrible feeling. Also, the reasons behind the breakup is extremely complicated, hard to make clear, and there would always be regrets. There are rumours that he was actually thinking about his breakup with Shu Qi (舒淇), but Wang Leehom denied it: "Why must you bring in other artistes?"

'Heartbeat' describes a relationship between two lovers that experiences a bottleneck, the sweetness after the tears and fighting, later on regretting the relationship and wishing that they could go back to the beginning. The lyrics talks about someone who doesn't like to fight, yet is unsure of how to apologise - Leehom admits that that is his indeed his own character. After being asked who he was talking about, he thought for a long time before saying: "I'm not comfortable announcing about my private life.", preferring to keep quiet.

Leehom expressed that he had been extremely stressed about his concert in September, and after the thunderous applause he got on stage, he went home alone and heard his heart beat, giving him the inspiration to write the lyrics. He is usually going all over the world for his concerts, and is used to living alone. Someone replied that being his girlfriend would be hard, and Leehom agreed with that, saying "My girlfriend shouldn't be too clingy."

His new song 'Everything' is also another touching love song. Leehom revealed that he was writing about his friend's story. His friend is a university student whom had asked him to help him pick an engagement ring, as he plans to propose to his girlfriend in Australia. However he didn't expect the girl to have no plans for marriage at all, and in the end the wonderful arrangement ended in heartbreak. Luckily the friend had left all the sadness behind and got a new girlfriend, though Leehom said that right now he himself is concentrating on his work, and doesn't want to get into a new relationship too quickly.

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